Interview With Saint Jaimz | RnB Singer – Songwriter – Producer

Based in California, singer – songwriter – producer Saint Jaimz has overcome incredible obstacles in order to follow his musical journey. A 16 year U.S Army Veteran, Jaimz served his country with great pride. “The army is where I got my start in recording & singing live.” says Jaimz. It is because of a military talent show in Germany, that he is involved in the music business today. Once you initially listen to Jaimz’s vocals, you are immediately taken aback to the legendary R&B slow jams of the 90’s. He is amazing!
His creative approach to marketing have allowed him to entertain many offers from the biggest moguls in the business. Once you’ve heard him, you are hooked! His lyrics, his melodies, his voice, his productions can battle any major record label artist. Saint Jaimz has sewn up a seamless blend of throwback classics & present-day contemporary soul works, sure to please the most refined R&B critics & fans. Neo Soul, Pop, Hip Hop, & Rock, flow through his veins when he is creating his masterpieces.
He has the ability to make the legendary old school sounds, new again with his modern approach. “I write and sing “LIFE Songs” not “Love Songs.” says Jaimz. Working with an incredible management team & celebrity publicist Danie Cortese, will most certainly veer his career to unbelievable heights in the months to come. Be sure to check him out and stay tuned for more amazing developments.

1.   Hello Saint Jaimz Can you tell us about yourself?
I am a R&B Singer, Songwriter, and Producer. I have put out 6 Independent Projects over my career.. So I am a seasoned industry Vet who has paid his dues.. More ​​important than who i am, is Why I am.. Im passionate about bringing R&B back to the Masses. So this last year, I’ve been making Classic records with a Throwback Feel! To label it Old School would not do my music justice.. Something “Throwback” does not make it old.. Thus, I am here to help remedy the need for the 30 and up age demographic of people who miss Old school, or are nostalgic and need to return to a time where music had a message and impact..  My music and sound will have the same impact in today’s climate, but with fresh new music and a focus on great music and message. Especially with R&B Having been on Life Support for a while now.
2. Who are your musical and non-musical influences? 

I have been influenced by so many people in this music game.. But i gotta say that my biggest influence in this business of art and finance, has been the unsung heroes of the industry and that my friend is The sound engineer! Shouts out to My sound engineer whom i am very proud to say is the dopest i have ever met.. His name is Brian Porter of Sacramento California, Studio C, and he has engineered some of the biggest names in the business and mixed and mastered some serious RECORDS… not just beats..  I owe a great deal of my sound to Brian.. He actually focuses on getting the best out of everyone he records, not just turning knobs.. So show love to your sound engineer!
3.Your first album was released ten years ago, “Full Circle” was a great album, why wait so long for your next release The Saint Jaimz Project “Life Songs”

Full Circle, I was burnt out on traveling and grinding.. So ive been working on my life’s work.. an audio/videography book on my lifes journey and music.. last year i dabbled a little back into recording and couldnt stop! and 30 songs and a catalog later Im back one more time.. Through it all i stopped writing love songs and as a man now write LIFE SONGS.. The name change from stanley james to Saint Jaimz is about maturity, growth, and of course my evolution from artist to now CEO of HOUSHOLD NAME ENTERTAINMENT. And the bevy of artists ill be promoting and releasing good music, through my label where i allow independent artists to be their own boss but guide them through the process from publishing to production to licensing so that they dont end up like soo many before them.. Not in control of their own destiny..
4.Who came up with the name of your single ….and why?

ABSENT WITHOUT LOVE (AWOL) was a collaborative effort.. Me being a 16 year Army Veteran, and having experienced a lot of ups and downs with life and love, due to moving around and relocating which is the case in many military relationships and friendships, that it would only make sense to use that experience with AWOL.

5.  How did some of your early gigs go? Where were they?
Some of my early on shows were very Raw and unscripted, just me, the mic and the fans.. introducing myself to them through the song was my favorite part.. by songs end they either loved me or not.. Ive giged in sweden, england, berlin, and various places within the US.
6. What was your turning point of becoming professional?
I decided to take this thing professional in early 2000’s i gave up everything and went for it.. What a journey though… an incredible experience. The people, the places that this music has taken me.. and the lessons.. the pain the euphoria. Im blessed because of it.
7. What do you think about International Women’s Day?
I admire that women are being recognized and appreciated.. I think people are human before they are gender.. women and men both have to stop competing and start serving.. one another and help all in need… i think that will heal the world.. Service and generosity to ALL. I respect what women are doing to fight and the demand for equal rights and equality, I as a minority, totally understand the process and the plight.. So i hope that while we all have our causes and beliefs to fight, that we focus on the fact that we all have an obligation to eradicate injustices toward all people..Let us all use our platforms to fight human inequality and for the civil rights of all humankind, male and female..

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