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Our founder, Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton, is a seasoned singer, performer, and industry visionary with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. With Pump It Up Magazine, she has created a one-stop-shop for individuals to showcase their talents, connect with like-minded individuals, and receive guidance and support to overcome the challenges and obstacles that can arise in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician, actor, or entrepreneur, Pump It Up Magazine is the perfect resource to help you reach your full potential. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics, including music, entertainment news, lifestyle, fashion, and Los Angeles culture. We also conduct celebrity interviews and provide valuable tips and insights to help you improve your craft and achieve success.

In addition to our magazine, we operate the official radio station KPIU RADIO, which features exciting new music and artists from around the world. With 24-hour programming, our station is dayparted into genres ranging from French, Deep House, and EDM to Pop-Dance, Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Blues.

We are committed to empowering and supporting those who have a dream in the entertainment, lifestyle, and humanitarian world. When you partner with Pump It Up Magazine, you can trust that you are in good hands with our team of experienced professionals from all areas of entertainment.

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