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At Pump It Up Magazine, we’re all about boosting people in entertainment, lifestyle, and making a difference in the world. Our goal? To give you the best advice, resources, and backup if you’re aiming to stand out in your field.

Our boss, Anissa Sutton, knows the ropes of the entertainment biz. She’s a multi entrepreneur, pro singer, performer, and visionary. With Pump It Up Magazine, she’s made a cool spot for you to show off your skills, find pals who get you, and get help to beat the tough bits on the road to your dreams.

Whether you’re dreaming of music fame, the big screen, or starting your own thing, we’ve got your back. Our mag talks about tons of stuff – music, celeb buzz, how to live your best life, fashion, and all things L.A. We chat with big names and drop tips to level up your game.

And hey, we’ve got more! Our very own radio station, KPIU RADIO, is a hub for fresh tunes and hot artists worldwide. We’ve got tunes from French to Pop/Jazz/Rock/Soul /RnB Music and everything in between, 24/7.

Join us at Pump It Up Magazine and let’s make some waves together. Got a story for our mag? Drop us a line at We’re here for you! 🎤🎶📰

We cover a diverse range of topics, including music, movies, fashion, beauty, fitness, wellness, books, food, events, real estate, and humanitarian awareness. Based in Los Angeles, California, Pump It Up Magazine serves as a hub for entertainment and lifestyle enthusiasts.

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