18 November 2018

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Interview With Hip Hop Artist Steady

STeaDY aka Zach Wada is one who is definitely sure in the moves he’s making and unfaltering in reaching for success in the world of Hip Hop.
His talent speaks for itself as evident by rap phenom STeaDY’s “Fly Music”, a term he coined to describe the way his music sounds in the club, car, etc. Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in the Bay Area, Steady started expressing himself through music at the age of 17.

“Music was my only escape from the negative surroundings and harsh realities I’d seen every day. It helped me vent to people what I’m like and give them good music”. After creating a local buzz in the Midwest, Steady decided to move back to the Bay Area to pursue his music career. Upon arriving in the Bay Area Steady attended Expression’s College for Digital Arts where he instantly connected with a network of people and started creating urban musical masterpieces. STeaDY writes all his lyrics and comes up with memorable and haunting melodies. With his raspy tone, and original lyrics STeaDY has created a truly unique sound that STeaDY lives by the motto…”I make feel good music, let everyone else follow trends.

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in St. Louis, Mo but moved to Cali for few years then moved back to St. Louis and finished high school.

2. What is your musical background?
I been making music for 10+ years I have numerous mixtapes out and 1 Album.

3. Did You perform in St Louis?
I haven’t performed there but had my song on major radio in St. Louis. Majority of my performances have been in California..

4. Musically, what are your biggest influences in the game and personal life?
I always looked at 2 chains since he was Tity boi, Jay Z, Pac, Peewee Longway Just to name few.

5. What do you think of the hip hop scene in Oakland, CA?
The Bay Area scene is great. They support their artist. You can look at E40 for example how the city holds homegrown talent down.

6. How would you describe your own style?
My voice is unique, sounds like no one and also my music is laid back and for motivation.


7. If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?
Henny Privalige

8. If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?
To be honest I don’t feel I sound like anyone since I started that’s been a goal to standout.

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