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16 January 2019

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Behind the Design: The Moschino Staple Dress

14 January 2019 0

There was a really fun dress we spotted at the Spring/Summer ’19 Moschino fashion show. And, it was a dress that solicited lots of attention! Inspired by fashion atelier objects, it was a basic black […]



The Best Gambling Movies Of All Time

27 November 2018 0

Over the decades, gambling has proven to be a timeless Hollywood subject. While films about poker, casinos, and related topics rarely smash the box office wide open, they tend to have fairly reliable bases; enough […]

This Week’s Video spotlight | Aneessa “Back to Life”



Feid – Colombia’s Next Great Musical Export

3 January 2019 0

Following in the footsteps of his fellow countrymen, reggeaton artist Feid looks to establish his status as Colombia’s next great musical export. We at the Young Folks had the great pleasure of interviewing Feid, regarding […]


Music Interview: Fly By Midnight

3 January 2019 0

It’s been about one month since retro pop duo Fly By Midnight released their full-length album Rerunning which has quite literally been running on repeat. Singer/songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/songwriter Slavo nailed it with Rerunning […]

Hip Hop

Cardi B Plans To Release New Album This Year

3 January 2019 0

Cardi B announced on Instagram Live on Tuesday that she has a new album in the works, and she hopes to release it in April. A deluxe edition of her multiplatinum debut full-length album Invasion […]


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