Interview with award winning, multi-nominated singer/songwriter performer

Natalie Jean is an award winning, multi-nominated singer/songwriter performer.  She sings many genres, such as Jazz Pop, R&B, Blues and Dance and can also sing in French, Spanish, English, and Creole. Natalie Jean has been nominated over 60 times for her music and has won numerous awards. Most recently, Natalie Jean was the Gold Medal Winner in the 2017 Global Music Awards for Female Pop Vocalist.

Natlie Jean and Levi Moore’s song “The Letting Go” will be featured on ‘THAT SUMMER’ by Various Artists’ a compilation CD being released by the BWH Music Group  Label in June.  10 Questions had the opportunity to interwove Natalie about the project  and her music.

What song do you have featured on ‘THAT SUMMER by Various Artists’? What is the song about and how do you think it fits into the compilation project about the summer?

The song I have featured on “That Summer by Various Artists is “The Letting Go”. This song is about not caring about what others think and allowing yourself to feel true freedom. It is about letting go of all that does not serve you. Allowing yourself to have love and happiness in your life. I think that during the summer, people love the idea of freedom and Iove and they will be able to relate to its theme.

Natalie, can you tell us a bit about how you wrote the song?

I contacted my friend Michael Peloso and asked if he wanted to co-write a song. I also had Levi Moore in mind to be my duet partner. Michael Peloso wrote from a perspective of his own life and I added perspectives from my own life. We both needed to let go of certain aspects of our lives, to find happiness and freedom.

Take a listen to Natalie Jean and Levi Moore:

Looking back, what was the best summer of your life and why?!

The best summer of my life was the first time I ever went to Turks and Caicos. I had the best time of my life, making new friends, dancing, and having many adventures.

There are so many amazing artists on the compilation CD!  Can you talk about a time in your career where you have collaborated with other artists and describe that experience for us?

I would have to say that collaborating with other artists is a lot of fun, but a lot of work. This song has taken a life of its own, where we had to create it and its own website. You definitely have to talk to everyone involved, get everyone on the same page. It can’t be about one single person; it has to be about the group as whole.

“THAT SUMMER by Various Artists’, is all about songs that have something positive or remind us of Summer in some way. With that in mind, can you tell us how making music has had a positive impact on your life?

I would have to say that music saved me. Before I started writing and performing, I had been going through a lot personal experiences. Music helped me to discover who I am as a person and it helped me to love myself as well. Music for me, is about helping others and creating a wonderful environment.

Where do you live or work? What is the music scene like there? Is there anything special that goes on in June, July or August in your neck of the woods?!

I live in Kensington, MD and work in DC. There is a hot music scene in Washington DC, from Jazz, Blues, Pop, Country, Americana. There is usually some type of music festival happening during the months of June, July, and August.

Describe your favorite vacation! Do you ever take a vacation or a break from writing, playing or performing music?

My favorite vacation would be going to Turks and Caicos. It is a Club Med all inclusive resort and it is a lot fun. I try to take a vacation every year, around my birthday. I will usually take my writing pad or laptop with me. The ocean creates so many ideas.

The music scene seems to be bursting with Summer Music Festivals. Do you have a favorite music festival that you play in or attend or is there one summer music festival you would love to play in?

I have not attended many in the past couple of years. However, I always wanted to attend the Jazz Festival in Silver Spring, MD.

Looking beyond the Summer, what is on your radar for 2018-2019?

I will continue to push the single,” The Letting Go”. I am also looking forward to performing a lot more. I have some friends that are releasing albums that I am a part of. So, I am looking forward to hearing the final products.

Where can fans access your music?



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