Pump It Up Magazine Music Awards 2024: Submissions Now Open!

Your Time is Now: Shine at the 2024 Pump It Up Magazine Music Awards! 🌟🚀 Submit Your Music, Own the Spotlight!


Celebrating Excellence in Independent Music, Presented by Pump It Up Magazine and KPIU Radio

[Los Angeles, California, October 8th] — Pump It Up Magazine, in collaboration with KPIU Radio, is thrilled to announce the commencement of submissions for the highly anticipated 2024 Pump It Up Magazine Music Awards. This celebration of independent music promises to be an exceptional showcase of talent, with the grand reveal of the winners set to unfold in April.

Why Participate?

  1. Prestigious Recognition: Join the ranks of outstanding artists and releases that have left a lasting impact on the independent music landscape.
  2. Trophy and More: Participants will be eligible for the prestigious Pump It Up Magazine and KPIU Radio Trophy, exposure – magazine cover, inside pages promo, online promo with social media promotion, networking opportunities, and more!
  3. Exclusive Partnership: We are proud to announce our partnership with KPIU Radio, Pump It Up Magazine’s official radio station, to amplify the celebration of independent music. Please note that every participant will receive a shoutout on KPIU Radio.


  1. Album of the Year
  2. Song of the Year
  3. Female Vocalist of the Year
  4. Male Vocalist of the Year
  5. Duo or Group of the Year
  6. Most Creative Independent Music Video of the Year

Music Genres:

  1. Jazz/Smooth Jazz
  2. R&B/Hip-Hop
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Pop
  5. Rock
  6. Blues
  7. Gospel
  8. Country
  9. Christian

Eligibility Criteria: To be considered, artists must have independently released their music, including affiliations with major labels or their subsidiaries. The eligible period for submissions is between October 8th, 2023, and December 8th, 2024.

Submission Process: Send an email to  musicawards@pumpitupmagazine.com to enter your nominations. The deadline for submissions is December 8th. A nominal submission fee per entry of $350 has been introduced to support operational costs, including the selection process, promotional efforts, and the grand awards ceremony.

Nomination Curation: The Pump It Up Magazine team, in collaboration with KPIU Radio, will meticulously curate a list of 8 finalists in each category from the nominated artists, albums, and songs.

Supporting the Event: To streamline the process and ensure the awards’ continued growth, we’ve introduced a nominal submission fee of $350. Your contribution directly supports the operational costs, including the selection process, promotional efforts, and the grand awards ceremony.

Voting and Winners’ Reveal: Late March marks the return to KPIU RADIO AND PUMP IT UP MAGAZINE, inviting the audience to cast their votes and shape the destiny of the winners. The grand reveal will unfold in April—a testament to the vibrant journey embarked upon, now with the rhythmic beats of KPIU Radio echoing in harmony.

How to Participate: To participate in the voting process or submit nominations, sign up at the top of the page. Rest assured, email addresses (musicawards@pumpitupmagazine.com) will remain confidential.

Connect and Share: Share your musical gems worthy of the spotlight for the Pump It Up Magazine Music Awards! Email your nominations to musicawards@pumpitupmagazine.com or leave your suggestions on our dedicated social media post.

Tag us @pumpitupmagazine @Kpiuradio and use #pumpitupmagazine #kpiuradio #PumpitupmagazineMusicAward #KpiuRadioMusicAward.

Let’s make the Pump It Up Magazine Music Awards a resonant celebration of independent music, in partnership with the rhythmic vibes of KPIU Radio, the official radio station of Pump It Up Magazine.

Your voice, your choice! And your contributions ensure the continued success of this vibrant celebration. Thank you for supporting independent music!



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