Hollywood Hair King – Korey Fitzgerald

Hollywood Hair King - Korey Fitzgerald

Residing in the prestigious Southern California city of LA, Korey (@Hollywoodhairking). has become widely known in the hairstyling industry, offering a diversity of services, including; cuts for men and women, beard grooming (no razor), color, all methods of hair enhancements, updo, flat irons, wand curls, traditional curling styles, eyebrow waxing and so much more. His work has been recognized by major industry stars and he has been invited to lucrative events, networked and met successful stars who have supported his craft. Professional and charming would be the best way to describe Korey Fitzgerald!

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Korey Fitzgerald (@Hollywoodhairking). has always been captivated by the art surrounding hairstyling. As a kid, he used to play with his sister’s dolls’ hair and get in trouble for always changing their look.

“My hair icon is Chaz Dean. I’ve met him and hung out with a few times. He has billboards, hair products, a massive beautiful salon and has major brand and successful in the hair industry. Last but not least he’s a nice, talented and his birthday is 4 days before mine.”

Chad Dean

Later on, he went on to graduate from the school of Cosmetology in 2003, took a one-on-one class about fusion hair extensions in Atlantic City (2004), participated in the L’Oréal color classes in Boston, and recently participated in the hair extension technique class with Yourhairshop which took place during the pandemic. His vast CV wanders on and on with more achievements.

At the age of 20, Korey moved to New York City where he lived and worked as a hairstylist for at least nine years. Through this time, he worked with several notable stars like D. Woods of Danity Kane from the dance scene before the singing group and also gave haircuts to several key choreographers and dancers of Beyoncé. Still reigning in New York, Korey was able to make a lot of contacts from working through the celebrity nightlife of the city and this taught him a lot about style, hair, makeup, and clothing. His taste evolved in a multifaceted way.

I styled hair and cut hair for several key choreographers and dancers of Beyoncé I got to make a lot of contacts from working celebrity nightlife in NY. Dancing for some of Rupaul’s Drag Race drag queens and hanging with club kids. It all taught me a lot about all around style. Hair, makeup, clothing…just how to have good taste all around and use discernment on looks, feels and tastes!

After a career blasting time in New York City, Korey Fitzgerald moved to a couple of cities, including; Massachusetts and Rhode Island, just before choosing to settle in LA. During his time in Rhode Island, the prodigy styled hair on Claudia Jordon (RHOA star) and also taught dance to students from elementary to high school.


Luther Brown

“I did hair for a famous Choreographer Luther Brown. He was Janet Jackson, J.Lo, Gwen Stefani,

“So you think you Can Dance”, Megan Thee Stallion and so many more. He hired me to cut and style wigs for a project of his directly for some dancers he wrote songs for them as artist. Including Teddy Riley’s youngest daughter…major makeup artist Bobbie Riley

Since relocating to LA (2016), Korey has worked for several salons, mobile hair apps, and independently pushed his career in a straightforward direction. His most memorable moments always happen when he gets a chance to turn his clients’ frowns into a smile.

In addition to Korey’s successes in the hair industry, the gifted stylist also doubles as an artist and choreographer and has been featured in several projects over the years.

To check out more about KOREY FITZGERALD – his work and upcoming projects, follow his Instagram (@Hollywoodhairking).



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