Jimi Wang: A Pioneer in Chinese Music Journalism | “Asia” Column

Jimi Wang is a renowned music journalist and contributor to the “Asia” column of Pump It Up Magazine based in Los Angeles.

He began his journey as a music journalist in the early 1990s by introducing Western music to the Chinese audience through columns in local newspapers and magazines. He later worked for the famous music magazine, “Audio & Video World,” where he interviewed both local and international musicians.

Jimi has witnessed the rapid development of the Chinese music industry, which has grown to the fourth largest globally, primarily due to the efforts of the Chinese government to crack down on piracy and the advanced mobile payment capabilities in China. Despite its rapid growth, the Chinese music industry still faces challenges, including poor quality of music, intense competition, and lack of proper legal protection for musicians.

Jimi recalls two unforgettable moments in his music reporting journey: the Real Vocals Movement initiated by Cui Jian and the first performance of Metallica in China.

Currently, Jimi is working on a tour speech of Seymour Stein’s Chinese version of his autobiography “Hearing Genius” in China, and arranging for Chinese musicians to perform abroad for cultural exchange purposes.

In his role as a contributor to the “Asia” column of Pump It Up Magazine, Jimi writes about the music scene in China for a Western audience by introducing the latest trends and providing an insight into the culture of Chinese music.

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