Music Review: Hannah Marks’ ‘Outsider, Outlier’ – A Jazz-Rock Fusion Revolution

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New York City-based bassist, composer, and educator Hannah Marks is all set to make her mark with the empowering debut album, “Outsider, Outlier.” This much-anticipated record, a fusion of jazz and rock, is a testament to Marks’ musical exploration and unapologetic artistry. Due out on October 20 via Out Of Your Head Records, “Outsider, Outlier” comprises ten dynamic tracks that fearlessly delve into the complexities of the human condition. With her fresh and original approach to playing the bass, Hannah Marks has already earned acclaim from respected jazz trumpeter Marcus Printup, ensuring her debut LP is highly anticipated.

The Cathartic Title Track:

Leading the way for “Outsider, Outlier” is its cathartic title track. Bass Magazine, who exclusively premiered the single and music video, hails it as a glimpse into the vastness and magic of the forthcoming record. In the title track, Marks discovers empowerment in her own company, elegantly portraying her journey of self-discovery and individuality. The music video, a self-directed whimsical piece set in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, channels the essence of Alice in Wonderland, accentuating the song’s quirky and unhinged spirit.

A Fusion of Jazz and Rock:

“Outsider, Outlier” is more than just an album; it is a compelling manifesto of empowerment and growth. Throughout the project, Marks showcases her versatile and dynamic artistry, skillfully blending the worlds of jazz and rock. The album’s musical diversity mirrors the tumultuous nature of unhealthy relationships and the accompanying bouts of anxiety. With elements of campy musical clichés and musical theater-like melodies, Marks cleverly addresses her emotions with playful energy, providing a safe and cathartic space to process her feelings.

Collaborators and Production:

Marks is not alone on this journey. Collaborating on the album are talented artists such as Sarah Rossy (lead vocals), Lee Meadvin (guitar), Lex Korten (piano), Nathan Reising (alto saxophone), and Connor Parks (drums). The recording process was a testament to Marks’ resilience during challenging times, and the result is an intimate and powerful musical experience. Recorded at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY, the album was skillfully engineered by Todd Carder and mixed and mastered by Lee Meadvin.

A Triumph of Self-Empowerment:

“Outsider, Outlier” encapsulates Marks’ personal growth and journey towards self-empowerment. Composed in her early twenties, the album reflects Marks’ experiences of breaking free from harmful relationships and discovering her strength. Her profound love for grunge and experimental rock music intertwines with her jazz background, resulting in a fearless and liberating sound. With a group of accomplished improvisors adding their flair, the album promises to be a daring and liberating musical adventure.

 Hannah Marks’ debut album, “Outsider, Outlier,” is a force to be reckoned with. Set to be released on October 20 via Out Of Your Head Records, this unapologetic exploration of the human condition masterfully blends jazz and rock, showcasing Marks’ exceptional talent as a bassist and composer. The title track, with its accompanying self-directed video, offers a taste of the magic and vastness to come. Through her music, Marks invites listeners into her layered and expansive sonic universe, leaving us eagerly anticipating her musical journey of empowerment, growth, and self-discovery. Don’t miss the chance to experience this captivating musical masterpiece firsthand.

Outsider, Outlier due out October 20 via Out Of Your Head Records and is available to pre-order now. Alongside the announcement, Marks shares the first taste of the forthcoming project with the cathartic title track and self-directed video out everywhere now.

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Review written by Anissa Sutton

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