Music Review: Mereki’s “The Garden” – A Transcendent Journey of Joy and Healing

blond woman with a short white dress laying in bed

Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey of uninhibited joy with Mereki’s latest music video, “The Garden.” As a master of purposeful pop, Mereki continues to amaze her audience with striking visuals that perfectly complement her debut solo album, “Death of a Cloud.”

In the video, Mereki takes us on a playful, artful adventure as she frolics across the picturesque landscapes of the South of France. Director Lizzy Born skillfully captures Mereki’s childlike wonder, dancing like nobody’s watching and bouncing on the bed, creating a mesmerizing and joyful experience for viewers.

But there’s more to this video than meets the eye. Throughout the captivating visuals, Mereki showcases ethically curated outfits from the French fashion brand MaisonCléo. The brand’s dedication to ethical consumption and using surplus fabrics from French Couture Houses adds an extra layer of depth to the already magical visuals.

“The Garden” holds a profound significance for Mereki, as it was born during a challenging time for her mental health. A simple encounter with a ladybird brought a sense of hope and comfort, inspiring her to craft the heartfelt lyrics that touch the soul.

Mereki’s debut album, “Death of a Cloud,” released via BMG and BunBun Records, is a testament to her musical prowess. With depth and beauty surpassing most pop records, the album is an introspective journey into self-realization and expression through music.

Join Mereki’s uplifting musical voyage by immersing yourself in “The Garden” music video and explore her soul-stirring debut album. Embrace the magic of purposeful pop and experience the joy and healing it brings.

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Review written by Anissa Sutton


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