Interview: Ty Causey on ‘My Love Zone’ & Timeless R&B Charm

Step into the enchanting world of the esteemed singer and songwriter, Ty Causey. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Ty has been mesmerizing soul and jazz fans with his smooth grooving tunes. Today, we embark on a delightful journey as we delve into the magic of his latest single, “My Love Zone.” Join us as we gain insights into the inspiration behind this melodious creation and explore the essence of what makes Ty Causey a beloved artist in the industry. Enjoy the interview!

Pump it up Magazine: Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “My Love Zone.” Can you share with us the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you personally?

Ty Causey:  Like everybody in life, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in the game of love. This song speaks to me personally because through those ups and downs I just wanted to find someone who understands me and to express my love and have that person return that love and understanding back to me. Someone who truly fulfills the desires of my heart such as personality, a tender heart, friendship, romance, communication and commitment.  These are the elements  that define two people living in the Love Zone.

Pump it up Magazine: “My Love Zone” has a captivating sound with your signature smooth vocals. How would you describe the overall vibe and style of this single?

Ty Causey: This groove is an easy flow that you can dance to or just sit back and chill and enjoy the smooth soulful classic R&B vibe with that perfect blend of smooth jazz. The mature lyrics are very easy to relate to as well. The overall flow is a feel good vibe.

Pump it up Magazine: As an accomplished singer and songwriter, how do you approach the creative process when working on a new song like “My Love Zone”?

Ty Causey: It comes in various ways but mostly from living life and understanding the consequences of our choices in life. That in itself is a song that everybody can relate to. As far as the music production, if it feels good before you add the lyrics you have something very special. Once you add lyrics, they speak to the listeners and that’s the icing on the cake.

Pump it up Magazine: The song seems to evoke a romantic atmosphere. Can you tell us a bit more about the emotions you aimed to convey through this track?

Ty Causey: The song is romantic but has a melodic flow that compliments the overall vibe while the lyrics taps into the emotional space of the listener which is where the heart lives

Pump it up Magazine: Your music has resonated with soul and jazz fans for over two decades. How do you keep your sound fresh and relevant while staying true to your unique musical identity?

Ty Causey: Personally, the music industry is full of various styles and genres as it should be . I’m really only concerned about what  I bring to the industry as I learn from the other artists and  genres but keep it original and unique so my sound doesn’t sound like everyone else’s.

Pump it up Magazine: “My Love Zone” showcases your impressive vocal range and control. How do you prepare vocally before recording a song of this nature?

Ty Causey:I try to focus on my physical health because that’s where the strength lives. Exercise strengthens my wind and breathing technique and lungs which is a game changer. The music is going out to the world so you want to be at your best. I also drink lots of water which flushes out my system because I work hard and sometimes play hard too…lol

Pump it up Magazine:  Throughout your career, you’ve released numerous albums and singles. How does “My Love Zone” fit into your overall artistic journey and growth as an artist?

Ty Causey:My Love Zone is an indicator of my growth over the years of creating music. I can look back and learn from my mistakes and enhance the quality of my music and overall style as I grow,  create and release new music.

Pump it up Magazine:  Can you share any interesting or memorable experiences you’ve had while creating or performing “My Love Zone”?

Ty Causey: Mostly failed relationships that I’ve learned from in the past that have shaped me into a person that truly understands and values and the gift of living in the Love Zone.

Pump it up Magazine:  Your fans have been eagerly waiting for new music. What message do you have for them now that “My Love Zone” is out?

Ty Causey: My Love Zone is a song leading the way to my full album called “Faithful & True”. Hopefully my supporters will groove to this one in anticipation of the full album.

Pump it up Magazine:  Looking ahead, can we expect more new music or perhaps an album in the near future? Are there any exciting projects on the horizon for Ty Causey?

Ty Causey: Yes, I expect to release a full album this fall in 2023. I’m always working and creating new music for future projects and releases. I also look forward to collaborating with other artists and producers to broaden my perspective in the music industry.

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