French Pop/R&B/Pop Music Artist You Should Know

French R&B artists are not nearly as popular internationally as performers in the U.K. or the United States, but French R&B singers are just as talented and have transformed the Rhythm and Blues genre into being the #1 genre of music in France, as well expanding into Africa and other French speaking countries.

A country that is widely revered by the world for its landmarks and culture has produced some of the world’s best music in a country that is well diverse as France is home to Arabs, Africans, and obviously Europeans, all who play key roles in France’s Rhythm and Blues music.

In what is viewed as one of the most romantic places in the world, local music provides a perfect soundtrack with French R&B artists being part of the world’s most unique music scene with a melting pot of cultures from all over the world easily creating relatable music for all.

Within the melting pot there are various forms of Rhythm & Blues that this article will touch on, forms that are mostly related to traditional American Rhythm & Blues or a similar sound to African and Caribbean influenced Dancehall and Latin Pop music, with a small percentage of songs consisting of the smooth layback style of Neo Soul and even forms that may seem kind of popish, but all represent the true lifestyles of France.

With the language of French not as widely used as English, French R&B artists may have a harder time getting the world to listen and view their music, but French R&B singers should not be underestimated as the below list will prove how many gifted artists the country of France consists of and how large and popular the country’s Rhythm and Blues music scene.

While just a few years ago French music was dominated by pop stars, as well some R&B artists, like Vitaa, M. Pokora, Jena Lee, Amel Bent, Kenza Farah, TAL, Ridsa, Léa Castel, and a handful of others, today, as music has been growing in popularity and in business, the lineup of French pop stars has vastly grown into top Rhythm and Blues artists like Aya Nakamura, Dadju, Soolking, and dozens of others.



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2. Aya Nakamura
Follow on Instagram: @Aya Nakamura and watch on Youtube: Aya Nakamura 

3. Soolking
Follow on Instagram: @Soolking and watch on Youtube: Soolking

4. Dadju
Follow on Instagram: @Dadju and watch on Youtube: Dadju

5. Marwa Loud (Pop/R&B)
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6. Fally Ipupa
Follow on Instagram: @Fally Ipupa and watch on Youtube: Fally Ipupa

7. Wejdene
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8. Vegedream
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9. Tayc
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9. Eva
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10. M. Pokora (pop / R&B)
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11. Franglish
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12. Imen Es
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13. Hiro
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14. Souf
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15. Jok’Air
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16. Zaho
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17. Lynda
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18. Bramsito
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19. Singuila
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20. Shy’m
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21. Joé Dwèt Filé
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22. Nej’
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25. Chilla
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Follow on Instagram: @YA LEVIS and watch on Youtube: YA LEVIS

27. Still Fresh
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28. Ronisia
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29. Driks
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30. IN-S (Pop/R&B)
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31. THABITI (Pop/R&B)
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32. Scridge
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33. Doks
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34. Bamby
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35. Miya
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