Experience The Ultimate In Relaxation On Crewed Yacht Vacations

If relaxation is your ultimate goal, a crewed yacht vacation is just what you need. Providing the perfect opportunity to sit back and watch the world go by, no other feeling beats being on the water and experiencing a sense of calm and tranquility.

If you are new to going on crewed yacht vacations and are not entirely sure what they entail, the below guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What is a crewed yacht vacation?

As the name suggests, a crewed yacht vacation is a type of yacht vacation where you have a crew on board with you at all times. This typically includes a captain and a chef, as well as other crew members such as stewardesses and a first-mate.

As opposed to a bareboat yacht charter where guests are left to their own devices, this type of boating vacation is a lot more luxurious and relaxing.

What are the different types of crewed yachts?

If you have already started to research crewed yacht vacations, you have probably come across more than one type of luxury yacht. Depending on your budget, your chosen destination, and the number of people attending, you can choose from one of the following types of crewed yachts:

  1. Mega yachts

A mega yacht is typically classified as one that is over 60 meters long. These are by far the largest crewed yachts available and are known for delivering a luxurious experience.

This type of yacht is a great choice for those who have a generous budget and want to be pampered throughout their trip.  

  1. Superyachts

A superyacht is typically classified as a yacht that measures over 24 meters long and these are very common in the Caribbean and British Virgin Islands. The experience on a superyacht is very similar to that on a mega yacht—but on a smaller scale.

This type of yacht is a good option for travelers who prefer to have a smaller number of crew members with them on their vacation.

  1. Luxury catamaran charters

A luxury catamaran charter is the most popular type of crewed yacht charter, especially for families who are looking for a relaxing vacation on the water.

There are two types of luxury catamaran charters: crewed sailing catamaran charters and crewed power catamaran charters. The former has engines but these are smaller and supplemented by wind in the sails, whereas the latter, has no sails and is powered solely by engines.

What are the benefits of a crewed yacht vacation?

There are lots of reasons why people choose to go on a crewed yacht vacation time and time again, including the following:

  • To avoid the crowds
  • To enjoy a more personalized experience
  • To marvel at the ocean and surrounding scenery
  • To sample first-class local cuisine
  • To learn more about sailing

Final thoughts

Crewed yacht vacations are ideal for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy life at a gentler pace. Providing the ultimate relaxation, you don’t have to lift a finger the whole time if you don’t want to!

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