Interview with NADEL PARIS | A Fiery, Confident and Talented Artist !

Nadel Paris a recording artist, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and an actor, born in Paris France.

1) Hello Nadel, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Nadel Paris. I am a recording artist, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, born in Paris, France. My music is a blend of various styles fused with pop and electronic dance beats. I started in music early, signing a recording contract with EMI France when I was just twelve years old. My passion for music was an obvious choice for me, as I immersed myself in American pop music at an early age.

Nadel Paris

I am a singer, songwriter, and producer! I am extremely passionate about everything I do. I invest myself one billion percent in anything I take on. I am a very intense person. I am either really good at something or really bad at it. On one hand, my partner thinks I’m a bit of a “savant,” as I pick up musical instruments, painting, and just start doing a decent job at it, without learning sometimes. But on the other hand, I never know where I’m going and get lost even with the navigator on! So, I’m a bit weird—the typical artist type. I lose my keys a few times a day, wallet, etc. But somehow, it always works out okay. My mom was a Christian Dior model and always enjoyed talking to me about fashion, as well as movies. I love to research and learn, as I hate it when people think I may not be smart or educated. So, I made sure to get the type of education which would empower me. I studied how to write a good novel as well as screenplays, and realized that such knowledge allows me to write better lyrics, too. Not to mention guessing the ending almost every time at a movie and blurting out what’s going to happen to my nephew who hates it when I do that! It makes up for when he decides to burp in my face. Teenagers!

2) What inspired you to become a singer?

I sang since I was little. I listened to any and all divas, from Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and Tina Turner to Madonna! Anything that has soul, from Chicago blues and jazz music to funky music, even disco! I didn’t really choose to become a singer; it kind of chose me. I couldn’t help myself. I would play songs all the time after school and sing along, trying to teach myself.

3) On stage or in the studio, which was your best moment?

Locking eyes with someone from the stage and they respond to you as you bounce towards them, unexpectedly. It’s a thrill when you get that response. You know you have that moment with them and them only. Stage is the best. But I love to sing in the studio and be a perfectionist about getting each and every line exactly the way I want it!

Nadel Paris performing at Avalon, Tiger Heat, Hollywood

4) Do you have an upcoming project that you would like to mention?

Yes, I do! My EP is coming out with six-plus remixes for my song “Ooh La La La,” and it looks like we’ll get some major promo for it. Perhaps some Billboard dance love. Also, some radio stations are going to listen, and we have high hopes for spins! DJs will soon be able to give me feedback. According to the DJs who remixed, we are already getting great reactions. So, I’m praying! The EP is coming out in North America, the UK, China, and Korea. Stay tuned, lol! I’m grateful for whatever happens!

Nadel Paris flyer

5) The entertainment industry is constantly changing. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the studio, on stage, producing and performing. But not only producing myself but also other people! Writing for new artists and opening doors for them. Fun, as well as the opportunity to be of service to other human beings.

6) What would be your dream project?

I’ve played some excellent venues lately, but I want to be in front of a whole stadium! Okay, am I REALLY allowed to dream? –3 million people-plus! Every night! Big tour! We sell a lot of merch, and save hungry children and animals with that money! Bring it on!

7) What do you do for fun when you are not on stage?

I prepare for the next time I’ll be on stage. 😜

8) Is there anything else you would like to mention?

I also write novels and screenplays in my spare time. I had a young adult novel out a couple of years ago, but I haven’t had much time for that lately! Everything is about love. Genuinely loving other human beings and wanting to be of service to them in any possible way, small or big. That’s really all that counts. We are one. We are all connected!

To know more about Nadel Paris, please visit her website www.Nadel-Paris.Com.

Nadel Paris is also featured in the December printed edition of Pump It Up Magazine!

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