Music Review: Captivating Alt-Country Charm: The Hello Darlins Release New Single “Don’t You Fall”

A Timeless Reminder of Childlike Wonder and Resilience by The Hello Darlins

Canadian alt-country collective The Hello Darlins have returned with their latest single, “Don’t You Fall,” giving us a delightful taste of what to expect from their forthcoming sophomore album, “The Alders & The Ashes,” scheduled for an early 2024 release. Led by Romani-Canadian musician Candace Lacina and renowned Hammond B3 player Mike Little, The Hello Darlins have already garnered international recognition with their debut album, “Go By Feel,” and they are now poised to showcase an even more ambitious and diverse collection of songs.

“Don’t You Fall” immediately captivates with its upbeat and radio-friendly sound, which perfectly complements Candace’s unmistakable and emotive vocals. The song’s message is one of resilience and cherishing life’s wonders, encouraging listeners to persevere through hardships with the love and support of those closest to them. Candace’s inspiration for the song, drawn from a dream about an old tree, adds a touch of mystique to the lyrics, creating an enchanting and relatable narrative.

The accompanying official video for “Don’t You Fall” further enhances the song’s message with a playful and nostalgic touch. Drawing inspiration from animation techniques found in children’s television programs from the ’60s and ’70s, the video immerses viewers in a world of imagination and innocence, reflecting the theme of the song and emphasizing the importance of holding on to childlike wonder despite the passing of time.


A Timeless Reminder of Childlike Wonder and Resilience by The Hello Darlins

The Hello Darlins’ upcoming album, “The Alders & The Ashes,” promises to be a musical journey that fans will eagerly anticipate. Produced at the renowned United Recording in L.A. by multiple Grammy-winning engineer Ross Hogarth, the album features a total of 17 songs. The recording process was undoubtedly a magical experience for Candace, Mike, and guitarist/collaborator Murray Pulver, especially with the addition of esteemed rhythm section bassist Bob Glaub and drummer Chad Cromwell.

The album is expected to offer a rich blend of heartfelt and emotional tracks reminiscent of their debut, “Go By Feel,” as well as up-tempo blues, bluegrass, and Southern rock-inspired songs that showcase the band’s energetic and dynamic live performance style. With the collective’s deep musical roots and a lineup of top-tier musicians, “The Alders & The Ashes” promises to be a fitting representation of North Americana within the Americana genre.

The Hello Darlins’ ability to weave their personal experiences, joys, and sorrows into their music is evident, making their artistry authentic and relatable. Coming from families with rich musical traditions in Canada, Candace and Mike have already earned millions of streams and three Canadian Folk Music Awards nominations for “Go By Feel,” generating significant anticipation for their sophomore album.

In conclusion, “Don’t You Fall” is a captivating preview of The Hello Darlins’ upcoming album, showcasing the band’s musical versatility and storytelling prowess. With its radio-friendly appeal and Candace’s soulful vocals leading the way, the single sets high expectations for “The Alders & The Ashes.” Fans of Americana, country, and roots music will undoubtedly find much to admire and enjoy in The Hello Darlins’ latest offering.

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Music review written by Anissa Sutton

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