How to Make Better Fashion Choices

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Are you hoping to switch up your style and improve your look? If so, you may be wondering where to even begin and concerned about the amount of money it will cost you to do this. If you already know the type of style that you love and want to create, then you are probably ready to get out there, hit the mall, and start shopping for your new look. But, before you begin a frenzy of shopping, it is a good idea to pause for a moment to ensure you make the best choices.


Check Your Closet


Have you ever seen an item you loved in a store, brought it home, and realized that you already have something identical? To avoid spending money on duplicate items, it is best to look at the clothes you already own and think about how you can utilize them in your style shakeup.  


Avoid Fast Fashion


To stop you from blowing your entire budget in the first store you visit, you may want to think about what you want to buy and where you plan to buy it from. Shopping can be lots of fun, but buying items for the sake of it or pieces that won’t last can harm more than just your bank balance. The impact of fashion has a significant effect on the planet. It contributes to climate change, microplastic pollution in the seas created by synthetic materials, and chemical pollution in bodies of water due to the dyes used in the production process. Fast fashion, where items are made to poor quality standards and sold cheaply, contributes to these issues.


Choose Quality


Instead of buying lots of pieces of clothing that don’t last, it is often better to buy fewer items and ensure they are well-made and designed to stand the test of time. buzz rickson clothes are carefully created to the highest standard. These are the type of clothes that are built for many years of wear.


When looking for new clothes, it is helpful to check that they are the best quality and inspect them to see what they are made from and how well they are made. Checking the materials and then inspecting the stitching to see how well-finished the items are should give you some indication of their quality and whether they will last.


Edit Your Wardrobe


If your closet is currently crammed with clothes, then you may want to go through your items to check whether there are garments in there you no longer want or need. If you feel you have too much stuff and most of it does not match your new look, you may want to get rid of these items to free up some space in your closet. To avoid the clothing ending up in landfills and to generate some extra cash for yourself, you may want to sell the clothing you no longer want online. There are so many sites available that specialize in the sale of pre-loved clothing, so you are sure to be able to make some cash from your items. The EPA estimates that over nine million tons of clothing and footwear ended up in landfills in 2018. Taking steps to reduce the number of clothing items and shoes that end up in the trash is definitely worth the effort.


Take Care


When you buy better quality clothing and reduce the amount of fast fashion that you buy, it makes sense to care for your clothes. Taking care of your clothes can really help to extend their useable life, and you should be able to get a lot of extra wear from them. Making basic repairs to your clothes yourself, such as re-attaching loose buttons, or stitching up holes, will prolong the life of your clothing enabling you to get more use from them. But, the way you store your clothing makes a difference too. Keeping your clothing hung or folded neatly will help reduce the wear and tear on each garment and ensure they stay looking like new. Making sure that your closet isn’t so full that your clothes become entangled together and hangers catch on the fabric is crucial to prevent accidental damage.


Prolonging the life of your clothes and buying the best quality garments are two of the most effective ways to make better fashion choices. Selecting well-made garments you love rather than cheaper items that don’t last provides you with the opportunity to look great and do good at the same time.


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