4 Tips for Beating Procrastination and Living Energetically

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You’ve probably got all sorts of different things that you want to do over the course of your life, and all sorts of different experiences you’d like to have.


For a worryingly large number of us, however, our ability to live in an energetic and uplifting way on a daily basis all too often ends up being seriously undermined by our tendency to procrastinate, or just a sheer lack of energy and motivation.


Beating procrastination and living energetically means developing an enhanced ability to make the most out of everyday life, to meet the world head-on, and to amass positive and uplifting experiences over the course of everyday life.


Here are just a few tips for beating procrastination and living energetically.


Get started before you end up thinking yourself into a state of inertia


One of the main causes of procrastination in many cases is the fact that we simply allow ourselves to end up thinking our way into a state of inertia.


When you hesitate on taking the first step to achieve a particular task that you’ve laid out for yourself, what is likely to happen is that the little voice inside your head will start to give you reasons and excuses why you should procrastinate and avoid taking action altogether.


“It’ll be really difficult,” “it’s going to feel awful and exhausting,” “I’m not ready yet,” and so on.


The thing is, this little voice is very often wrong, but if you allow yourself to fall into a cycle of obsessive overthinking in this way, it frequently gets harder and harder to actually move forward and take action.


Of course your actions should be well considered in advance, and not reckless, but once you know what you need to do, you should make a habit of getting started as soon as you can before that little voice has the chance to generate too much momentum.


Eat in a healthy way that makes you feel your best


If you eat a junk food diet, regularly skip meals and end up feeling tired as a result, it’s more or less a safe bet that you’re not going to feel your best, and will end up being significantly less energetic, and more prone to procrastination as a result.


Eating in a way that makes you feel your best is one tip that can be very powerful when it comes to boosting your energy levels and helping you to more easily find the motivation required to move forward and get things done.


Whether you try this healthy stuffed pepper recipe, get onto a vegan diet, or just start eating more home-cooked food in general, make sure that the way you’re eating works for you and helps to support you in feeling more energetic and balanced.


Focus on what’s right in front of you, instead of always being fixated on the future


In many cases, procrastination is ultimately driven by a sense of overwhelm, as a result of being too fixated on the future (even the relatively near future) and all the different tasks that you need to deal with.


By simply focusing on what’s right in front of you, instead of always being fixated on the future, you’ll generally find it easier to deal with one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed, and you will be significantly more likely to actually enjoy what you’re doing, instead of just seeing each task as a means to an end.


In fact, being more present-focused may be one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and enhancing feelings of balance as a whole.


Follow your own sense of meaning and pay attention to your intuitions


If the activities you’re engaging in on a regular basis feel meaningless and empty to you, it’s not exactly a surprise that you’d find them difficult to move forward with, or that you’d be prone to procrastination.


When you reliably follow your own sense of meaning in life, pay attention to your intuitions, and ensure that the things you spend your time doing feel significant and worthwhile to you, you will almost inevitably find yourself feeling more motivated and energetic on a daily basis, and less likely to get overly sidetracked by the tendency to procrastinate.


Of course, this requires you to actually be able to pay attention to the things that feel genuinely meaningful to you, and to the subtle call of your own intuitions, as opposed to being overly distracted by the general noise of everyday life.

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