The Skills That Are As Enriching As They Are Profitable

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We all have our own hobbies; we take some time each week to dedicate to a craft or an activity that helps us relax and we’re all the better for it! However, some hobbies can be turned into lucrative side hustles, if you’re so inclined, and what you love can also help you to generate some cash on the side. Of course, the hobbies below shouldn’t be favored ahead of your usual job, otherwise they wouldn’t be hobbies anymore, but they can still be a passion while giving you enough money to at least get a couple extra takeaways a week! 

Video Editing and Mixing 

Video editing is a skill that’s really coming into its own. More and more individuals and companies alike are choosing to bring their brands to social media, and that often involves making videos. But most of the time, they’ve not got the skills to put a cohesive video together. 

And that’s where you can come in – a freelance editor can earn upwards of $50,000 per year, with a job growth rate higher than the national average. And when you can edit and mix a video, you have the sought after ability of being technologically fluent. It’s a fun skill to have, as you can create some very funny and high energy videos with anything from foot fetish pictures to special effects in it, but you’ve also got the edge over social media. Who says getting 10,000 followers is hard to do?

Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument is a big skill to have, especially if you’ve gone down the classical route. If you can play something like a violin or even the piano, there’s a strong chance you could take on a band or teaching position – working with kids can be very lucrative

But more than that, knowing how to play an instrument is a great way to appreciate music. You understand the scores better, and you can simply download some music notes one night and be able to play a new song by the next morning. You become more creatively minded, and knowing how to use one instrument can be a strong jumping off point for learning 2 or 3 more instruments. You could soon run the whole orchestra yourself! And the more instruments you can play, the more money you can make, so the cycle goes on and on. 

Learning to Draw

Finally, one quick question: can you draw? Many people can, as it’s a pretty basic skill to pick up. However, it’s a hard one to master, and only when you’ve been drawing and painting for 5 or so years can you make any money off of it! But that’s a good thing – it ensures you put the time and energy into perfecting your art, and taking on commissions at this stage in your life can assure your artistic future. 

Want to pick up a new skill? Why not look into mastering something that’s both fun and profitable? Knitting can be a delightful hobby with numerous benefits, including relaxation, creativity, and the satisfaction of making something with your own hands. Additionally, it can also be profitable if you decide to sell your knitted creations. You can choose so many yarn option from to start your wonderful handmade items.

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