Embarking on a Unique MMA Journey: Training with Legends in Vacation Paradises

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Embarking on a Unique MMA Journey: Training with Legends in Vacation Paradises

In the realm of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), where relentless training collides with thrilling combat, lies a realm of hidden treasures that seamlessly combine top-notch MMA instruction, unforgettable cultural experiences, and dreamlike vacation settings. These hidden gems not only allow you to refine your MMA skills but also offer the opportunity to train under the guidance of legendary fighters while immersing yourself in the beauty of a vacation paradise. Here’s a glimpse into these unparalleled destinations that merge the worlds of MMA training and dream vacations:

  1. AKA Thailand, Phuket, Thailand: Envision perfecting your MMA techniques at AKA Thailand, co-founded by the esteemed Mike Swick. Amid palm-fringed beaches and vibrant night markets, you can not only train with dedication but also relish the allure of Phuket’s tropical splendor.
  2. Nova União, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: At Nova União, you’re not just training; you’re walking in the footsteps of legends like José Aldo and Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro. Between grappling sessions, explore Rio de Janeiro’s iconic beaches and savor the rhythm of samba.
  3. Allstars Training Center, Stockholm, Sweden: Train where Alexander Gustafsson honed his skills – Allstars Training Center in Stockholm. After grappling on the mats, immerse yourself in the city’s archipelago, historical charm, and world-class dining.
  4. Georgia Top Team, Tbilisi, Georgia: Experience MMA training with a Georgian twist at Georgia Top Team, while soaking in the rich wrestling heritage of the region. When not on the mats, explore the captivating blend of modernity and tradition in Tbilisi’s streets.
  5. Team Quest Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand: At Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai, you’ll learn in the tranquility of Northern Thailand, far removed from the bustling cities. Between grappling drills, discover serene temples, bustling night markets, and traditional Thai massages.
  6. Elorde Gym, Cebu, Philippines: Train at Elorde Gym in Cebu and embrace the spirit of Filipino MMA fighters. After workouts, unwind on pristine beaches, snorkel in turquoise waters, and relish the flavors of Filipino cuisine.
  7. Cairo Fight Center, Cairo, Egypt: Train MMA at Cairo Fight Center and explore the mystique of Egypt’s history. Between sparring sessions, stand in awe of the pyramids, navigate bustling bazaars, and indulge in Middle Eastern delicacies.
  8. Team MAD, Seoul, South Korea: Step into the MMA world at Team MAD in Seoul, the birthplace of “The Korean Zombie,” Chan Sung Jung. Beyond training, explore ancient temples, feast on mouthwatering Korean BBQ, and enjoy modern shopping districts.
  9. CM System, São Paulo, Brazil: At CM System in São Paulo, Brazil, follow the path of Charles Oliveira, a standout in the UFC. Amid the city’s cosmopolitan energy, dive into diverse neighborhoods, savor culinary delights, and appreciate the dynamic arts scene.

These hidden treasures promise an unparalleled MMA journey, where world-class training collides with the allure of remarkable vacation experiences. From refining your techniques under legendary fighters to embracing diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, these destinations offer more than just training; they offer a transformative adventure. Always research both the training facilities and local attractions to ensure your journey is as unforgettable as the legends who’ve graced these mats.


  1. AKA Thailand – https://www.akathailand.com/
  2. Nova União – https://www.novauniao.com/
  3. Allstars Training Center – https://www.allstarsgym.se/
  4. Georgia Top Team – https://georgiatopteam.com/
  5. Team Quest Thailand – https://www.teamquest-thailand.com/
  6. Elorde Gym – https://www.elordeboxinggym.com/
  7. Cairo Fight Center – https://www.cairofightcenter.com/
  8. Team MAD – https://www.teammad.kr/
  9. CM System – https://cmsystem.com.br/
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