Irie Love, The Queen of Island Reggae Returns – Celebrating Love, Passion, and Black History Month

Vol.9 - Issue #2 - The Queen of Reggae Island returns with soul-stirring singles "Sugah" and "To Be Free."

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Guess what? Love is in the air, and we’re buzzing with the vibrant energy of Black History Month!

Our February edition is here, loaded with passion, soulful beats, and the most amazing stories that make Black history unforgettable.

Hold on tight because we’ve got the incredible Irie Love, the Queen of Reggae Island, on our cover! She is sharing the story behind her upcoming single “To Be Free,” (live date on all streaming platforms is March 29th.) a song ignited by her 2017 divorce, and passionately expresses her steadfast dedication to embracing freedom in all aspects of her life. And she is also bringing the heat with her new single “Sugah” Trust me; you’re in for a musical treat!

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As we dive into Black History Month, we’re introducing you to some remarkable figures and sharing must-watch movies for Black History Month.. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let’s all swoop into beauty tips for those date nights and look our absolute best for our loved ones!

Explore the world of independent artists, discover wellness (I’m spilling the beans on my own real story and secrets to happiness) and fitness tips that’ll make you glow from within, and also achieve a great body with our perfect plan.

We’re also spotlighting organizations making a difference, and we’re providing you with their names so you can join in and help! This edition is a whole vibe—a celebration of love, passion, and the incredible resilience that defines Black history. Dive in and soak up the rich tapestry of stories, music, and culture waiting for you in these pages.

Thanks a million for being part of our community. Let the love and passion within these pages pump up your spirits and inspire your heart.

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Anissa Sutton

Cover photo Pamakane Pico

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In our exclusive interview with Irie Love, the Queen of Island Reggae shares her musical journey from singing in church at the age of 11 to winning her first record deal after a talent competition in high school, emphasizing her deep connection to reggae as the foundation of her music. Irie Love delves into her transformative track “To Be Free,” inspired by her 2017 divorce, and discusses her commitment to embodying freedom in all aspects of her life. With upcoming projects, including a full album release and a book, Irie Love aims to empower and inspire with more aloha, freedom, and self-love.





IRIE LOVE – Cover Girl

The Queen of Reggae Island returns with soul-stirring singles “Sugah” and “To Be Free.”


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  • Get to know the remarkable figures who shaped Black History.
  • Real Story: “My Secrets to Being Happy”
  • Beauty Tips for Date Nights


  • Independent Artists Spotlight


  • Nourishing From Within: The Secrets of Staying Young
  • Get Flat Abs, Smaller Leg & Arms!


  • Must-Watch Movies for Black History Month


Acts of Love: Spotlight on Humanitarian Efforts During Black History Month

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“Photo credit: Irie Love, captured by creative director, stylist, and photographer April Lawrence.

Stream/Download “Sugah” by Irie Love

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