Celebrating Women with Our Cover Girl Victoria Renée! Vol. 9 – Issue #3

A powerful & soulful voice, similar to Mariah Carey, Adele, Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande!!! Must Listen!

Hey Pump It Up Fam, Welcome to a super special edition of our magazine – and guess what?

It’s all about celebrating the incredible powerhouses we call women!

Because Pump it up magazine isn’t just a magazine – it’s an awesome ride. A journey filled with stories, wisdom, inspiration, and top tips to make life a breeze.

🌟So, drumroll, please… Meet our cover girl, the amazing Victoria Renée! 🌟

Special edition of Pump It Up Magazine celebrating powerful women! Meet cover girl Victoria Renée

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34 pages, published 2/29/2024

Pump It Up Magazine: Victoria Renée – Empowered Women Edition


We’re not just talking about her stunning looks; we’re diving deep into her journey – overcoming challenges, chasing passions, and rocking that extraordinary singing voice. Seriously, she’s one incredible singer!


Feel the soulful rhythm and powerful voice of Victoria Renée Hand in ‘A Better Tomorrow,’ a slow-tempo track with a poignant message of change. (Featured on CNN/ROLEX Commercial)

Mentored by Motown’s Michael B. Sutton and signed to The Sound of L.A., Hand captivates with her powerful & soulful voice, similar to Mariah Carey, Adele, Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande”

Don’t miss her upcoming album, ‘Secrets,’ dropping this summer. Join us on this sonic journey, one download at a time

In the Beauty & Fashion corner, we’re spilling the tea on timeless elegance and breaking down the best order to slay with your beauty products. Because who doesn’t want to glow up effortlessly?

🌟Women Who Rock is not just a page-turner; it’s a heartfelt celebration of women killing it in different fields. We’re not just interviewing; we’re having a cozy chat with these fantastic ladies, sharing their inspiring stories.

Are you curious about the guy who could steal your heart? Grab your bestie and take our Fun Quiz to find out!

Fitness isn’t just about boring routines so get ready for some cool ideas that’ll make you smile, break a sweat, and repeat!

Victoria Renee – Women’s Special – March 1st, 2024 – Vol. 9 – Issue #3

Wellness takes a front-row seat with “8 Powerful Tips to Ease Anxiety: From Binaural Beats to Grounding Techniques.” Yep, we’re all about keeping it zen and chill.

And here’s the scoop on our Humanitarian Spotlight – it’s shining on LA organizations doing real good, especially for women. Need some support for your projects or business? We’ve got the names and contacts right here to give you that boost!

Now, hold on tight because by the end of reading this, we hope you’ll be all pumped up and ready to conquer the world!

Anissa Sutton – Founder & Editor in chief – Pump it up Magazine

We’re here to pump you up and share those moments that make us who we are. Because Pump It Up Magazine isn’t just a publication; it’s a hangout, a vibe, and a big high-five to the extraordinary.

Sending love, good vibes, and a sprinkle of inspiration,

Your Friendly Editor-in-Chief,

Anissa Sutton




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Table of Contents:

Pump It Up Magazine – Table of Contents

Letter from The Editor

  • Anissa Sutton


  • Beyond Beauty: The Incredible Voice and Story You Don’t Want To Miss!
  • Exclusive Interview With Singer, Actress & Model


  1. In Which Order Do I Apply My Skincare Products? The Easy Guide to a Glowing Morning Routine
  2. How To Always Look Classy and Polished


  • Women Who Rock: Celebrating Achievements Across Fields – Interviews
  • Behind the Scenes: 8 Talented Women in the Entertainment Industry


  • What Kind of Man Will Steal Your Heart?


  • Do This If You Have Anxiety! 8 Powerful Tips
    • 8 Powerful Tips to Ease Anxiety: From Binaural Beats to Grounding Techniques
  • Sweat, Smile, Repeat! Fun Workouts Routine


  • Empowering Women: Financial Support Organizations in Los Angeles


  • Inspiring Strength & Wisdom

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