Pumping Up the R&B Rhythms with Ro’Nae

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Step into the rhythm of Ro’Nae’s world, where empowerment takes center stage. Pump It Up Magazine, in honor of Women’s March, proudly presents an intimate conversation with Ro’Nae, the Seattle-based R&B sensation. From captivating school talent shows to dominating the charts with “Humble Brag,” Ro’Nae’s journey echoes the spirit of confidence and resilience. Join us as we explore the beats of her life, celebrating women’s power in music.

Q1: Grooving through Beginnings

Pump It Up Magazine: Ro’Nae, you fell in love with performing during a school talent show singing Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby.’ How did that moment shape your passion, and what inspired you to explore different aspects of your artistry?

Ro’Nae:  I remember so clearly how I wasn’t nervous to take the stage for the first time. Even as a kid, I felt so at home on stage. That moment of applause and joy on the audiences’ face gave me a glimpse into my purpose. I knew then how much I loved music and entertaining people.  I was inspired after that performance to see all that I could offer, to dive into who I could be as an artist. Rhythm was engrained me so I had to explore it even beyond singing. 

Q2: Dance, Lyrics, and Artistry Fusion

Pump It Up Magazine: Your journey involved picking up dance choreography and crafting your own music. How did blending these elements contribute to your identity as a multifaceted artist and future superstar?

Ro’Nae: Dancing came more natural to me then anything, as my mom would say, I came into the world dancing! I took classes, joined dance teams, and cheer squads to master my dance ability. Songwriting came later. I studied how writers would arrange their songs. Made notes about the lyrics of my favorite artist’s songs and for fun looked up the synonyms of the uncommon words and wrote alternative versions. I was intrigued by the different ways to express ourselves through music. I watched artists like Michael, Janet, Beyonce, and Chris Brown. I knew that they were the complete package and that’s how I saw myself. I think it is so important to bring my whole and complete self to the world, using all of my gifts!

DJ Solar, Ro’Nae, GMS & JJ Hudson

Q3: #1 on the Indie R&B Charts

Pump It Up Magazine: “Humble Brag” claimed the #1 spot on the Indie R&B college radio charts. Share the story behind the song and what it means to see your music resonate so strongly, especially in the context of empowering women.

Ro’Nae: I wrote Humble Brag literally one day as I was looking in the mirror doubting myself, as we all sometimes do. I quickly changed my mind set and thought “You are dope, stop it! You’re a loving humble beautiful human-being, God made you great!”  That self talk transformed into lyrics. With this song I wanted to affirm that it’s ok to love and magnify the great parts of ourselves. More importantly, to not dim our light for others to feel more comfortable around us. It’s also ok to lift up other woman when they need it, no hating over here! I know there are many women that can relate to this. 

Q4: Harmony with Dae One

Pump It Up Magazine: Collaborating with super producer Dae One for your upcoming EP must be exhilarating. Can you tease us with what’s in store, and how has this collaboration influenced your evolving musical identity?

Ro’Nae: Oh my, YES! This is such an amazing blessing and opportunity. Dae One has been such a great mentor and friend. He has worked with so many major artists in the industry, so for him to see greatness in me helps affirm I’m right where I should be.  He challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. He helps me explore different textures to my vocals and my pen. We are aligned with the idea of making timeless R&B music.  We just co-wrote and released a single called “Real One’ that is the lead up to the EP that will be coming early summer.  “Real One” is available now on all platforms. Go check it out to see the magic we made and what you can expect more of from our collaboration.  

Q5: Unapologetic Confidence and Empowering Mantra

Pump It Up Magazine: Your empowering mantra, “If they come for you, SEND ‘EM BACK!!” is truly inspiring. How does this unwavering confidence manifest in your music, and what message do you want to convey, particularly during Women’s March?

Also, how do you personally contribute to pumping up dreams within the next generation?

Ro’Nae: I believe that we all have things and people in our lives that try to distract us from our purpose. When I made the courageous decision to pursue my music full time, I knew that I would encounter obstacles of all kinds. I chose to do it anyway! That courage is what lives in the lyrics and soul of my music. Even in moments of fear and hardships I chose to keep going, and then write about it. I’m only confident because I believe making and performing music is why I am here. My message to other women would be to live out your purpose no matter who or what gets in your way. DO YOU and be great at it!  I encourage everyone to remember their childhood dreams. Think back to the time that life’s distractions didn’t fully exist and you just dreamed about what you wanted to be when you got older. BE THAT. 

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