Empowering Women in Digital Marketing | A Chat with Cheryl Goodman

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This March, we’re celebrating the incredible women who rock our worlds, including with the amazing Cheryl Goodman – the digital marketing whiz! Join us for a friendly chat as we dive into Cheryl’s secrets to digital success and the vibes that keep her going. No jargon, just good times and inspiring stories. Let’s jump in and get to know Cheryl a little better! After all, we all need to Pump It Up in both our professional and personal lives! 
Q1: Marketing
Pump it up Magazine: Cheryl, with your remarkable experience in digital marketing, what strategies do you find most effective in today’s ever-evolving landscape? Any key lessons you’ve learned along the way?

Cheryl Goodman:  
Since graduating from Towson University in 2023, I have been the Marketing Manager & Executive Administrative Assistant at Keystone Korner Baltimore Jazz and R&B Club. No matter what industry you are in, the most effective marketing/advertising strategy I’ve found is the use of nostalgia. Resurrecting popular artists and songs to evoke fond memories of the past allows us to connect deeper with our audience. 
I have met countless legendary musicians, booking agents, tour managers, family friends, Keystone Korner regulars, and many in the Baltimore community and surrounding areas that have taught me the importance of networking. Networking can help you build new or existing relationships, broaden your perspectives, build your confidence, get career advice, and give access to valuable resources or job
opportunities. At Keystone, I offer this through our Marketing & Production Internship Program, where we have 3-4 interns each semester gaining real-world experience and industry knowledge they would not learn anywhere else in the city.
Cheryl Goodman

Q2: Keystone Korner Jazz Club, Baltimore

Pump it up Magazine:Cheryl, being involved with the renowned jazz club Keystone Korner Baltimore adds another layer to your professional journey. Can you share insights into your role as an Executive Administrative Assistant and Marketing Manager there, and how it connects with your expertise in digital marketing?
Cheryl Goodman:  
I always knew I wanted to go into marketing since I was in middle school. Since I am a singer, my love for music, graphic design, and planning all marry so perfectly in my current position and I truly take pleasure in what I do. It is such an honor to have NEA Jazz Master Todd Barkan as my mentor and exceptional boss because not only has he taught me everything there is to know about Jazz history, marketing & logistics for musical events, and professionalism, but he has showed me that by putting extra time and care into your work, it will drastically improve the quality and your overall experience
Q3: Wellness in the Digital World
Pump it up Magazine: Balancing a thriving career in digital media can be demanding. How do you prioritize wellness in your life? Any tips for our readers on maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the digital age?
Cheryl Goodman:
Protecting my mental/physical health and well-being is of paramount importance. I prioritize going to the gym before getting any work done, as well as stretching every morning. When starting my full-time position at Keystone, I made it very clear that I did not want to work on the weekends, which is abnormal in the entertainment industry. The main reason for this was to protect myself from burnout down the road, as I have seen happen to many in this tough, competitive industry. It’s crucial to set up personal and work boundaries at the start of any new job so your team understands what they can expect from you and vice versa.
Q4: Navigating Challenges
Pump it up Magazine: Every success story comes with its share of challenges. Can you share a memorable challenge you faced in your journey and how you overcame it? Any valuable lessons from that experience?
Cheryl Goodman:
Since I am quite young, many in the entertainment industry do not take me seriously due to my lack of experience. It’s important for me to recognize that while that is true, it does not mean I do not have great ideas or that I cannot do my job correctly. To overcome prejudice, I have tremendously increased my skill of being able to take constructive criticism. Most of the people I work with have been in this industry far longer than I’ve been alive, therefore it is beneficial to take advice and learn from them.
Q5: Empowering Women
Pump it up Magazine:: As a successful woman in the digital marketing field, how do you encourage and empower other women to pursue their passions and break barriers in the industry?
Cheryl Goodman:
The entertainment industry is male-dominated and can be intimidating. I am confident many young adults and women struggle with this issue, especially in other industries. To overcome this, I have learned to be confident in what I believe, and advocate for others when there is discrimination, injustice, and inequality. I work alongside many women in my industry that are so courageous and powerful, it influences me. Getting to speak with women like Samara Joy, Cindy Blackman Santana, Chelsey Green, and many others, truly inspires me that anything is achievable.
My interns come to me whenever they feel as though they should speak up about something, and I try to talk them through the issue and give advice on what should be done. My time at Keystone Korner Baltimore has shown me the best ways to manage my team and be a role model for our interns.
Q6: Pump It Up Tip
Pump it up Magazine: Lastly, in the spirit of Pump It Up Magazine, what’s your top tip for enhancing wellness and maintaining a positive mindset, especially for women navigating the demands of a dynamic career?
Cheryl Goodman:

It’s essential to put yourself first over any job. It might seem like the end of the world if you receive an urgent email over the weekend while you’re out with friends or at a family dinner that you just HAVE to respond to. I’ve been in those cases and I’ve learned no email is more important than the treasured time spent with loved ones.

Enjoying what you do for work is necessary to have a positive mindset at the beginning of every day.

If you dread your job because you’re uninterested in the work or overly stressed, you are in the wrong field or working with a dysfunctional office. You have the ability to be the change you want to see in any workplace, but it takes time and dedication.

Cheryl, thank you for sharing your insights and empowering our readers. We’re excited to celebrate your success and inspire others on their journeys!
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