Veteran Motown music producer Michael B. Sutton is about to mend all broken hearts! with his new single “Band Aid For A Broken Heart”

Download now exclusively on - Out on all digital platforms Janyary 21st,2022

(Los Angeles, LA) C.E.O. at The Sound of L.A. and veteran Motown music producer MICHAEL B SUTTON has yet set out to begin this year with a crisp new sound that is about to mend all broken hearts. Thought of by many as one of the guides in the music industry, the LA-based singer and songwriter blends a sound of R&B and soul with his lyrical intimacy, attractive production, and organic rhythms on his new single “Band Aid For A Broken Heart,” (Download now exclusively on – Out on all digital platforms Janyary 21st,2022)

“Band Aid For A Broken Heart” comes in with its elegant production and well-crafted lyrics written by Michael himself. The song speaks entirely about forgetting all that happened in the past and

Michael B Sutton’

mending your heart for the new has come. Up-and-coming with a remedy more than the band aid itself, the prodigy promises an absolute healing for your pain that is about to last you till the end. While we learn to take the driver’s seat in many occurrences in our lives, Michael’s latest track brings a change of view around us that opens new paths and reminds you that you don’t have to be alone through everything. Usually, there is someone ready to offer a band aid for every broken piece that needs to be restored. His new single invites us to be to be excited to be alive as we relive the feeling of being loved once again.


For over four decades in the music industry, Michael B Sutton has been well known for his personal nature, his honesty, integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail. Having worked with some of the most celebrated acts of this century, including; Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Thelma Houston, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and more, Michael has proved to be one of the best producers and songwriters that has helped many artists on the way to stardom. Whether he’s only playing the piano, producing the sound, writing, or just singing vocals, he has proven to be the best for each role. His behind-the-scenes efforts have elevated him to some of his most outstanding achievements, including writing many theme songs for movies.


Michael B Sutton launched his entertainment company “The Sound of L.A.,” whose mission is to reestablish the sound of the city of L.A. Through his gifted nature and taste in music, he has worked with several artists at The Sound of L.A and produced so many tracks ranging from the sound of R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Funk, and Gospel. His soon-to-be-released single is another one of his fabulous creations that have been thoughtfully packaged and about to be delivered with a speck of elegancy. The song has been featured with top-notch production that has always been depicted in the kind of work produced by Michael B Sutton. For fear of missing out, catch up with all the latest news around Michael’s new single via the links below;


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