Interview With Multiple award winning Afrobeats Singer, Actor and Humanitarian From Sierra Leone

Multiple award winning singer, songwriter, actor – Emmerson Bockarie is one of Sierra Leone’s most globally recognized and adored music superstars. Popularly known as Emmerson, his skillful writing, mastery of metaphors, and use of Krio, English and indigenous languages, has helped him build a successful career on music that matters.

Discovering a passion for music and drama at an early age, the absence of opportunities did not allow him to fully develop his talents. Emmerson burst on the scene as a fresh-faced youth shortly after the end of the Sierra Leone National conflict. From a country most known for its “blood diamonds”, he dreamed of a different image of Sierra Leone. Emmerson released his first single ‘Yu Go See Am’ and it was shortly followed by his debut album titled “Borbor Belleh” released in October 2004.  It was a social commentary that changed the face of Sierra Leone’s music industry both home and abroad. “Tutu Party”, the third track on the album, was an instant hit and quickly became a massive commercial success. To date “TuTu Party” is the most commercially recognized Sierra Leonean song around the world. Emmerson is widely celebrated for contributing to the transformation of music in Sierra Leone.

Emmerson’s career spans almost two decades. He comfortably delivers creative tunes centered on good vibes, love, life and relationships, weaving his melodic voice, over monster beats.

Emmerson has released seven albums and several hit singles giving birth to back to back hit like “Borbor Pain”, “Telescope”, “No Stress” and many more fan favorites. Emmerson has also toured the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Discover Emmerson’s new song “Gi Me That”

With the emergence of a new era, with African music gaining global recognition, presently Emmerson has merged his signature Afrolife music style into to Afrobeats. Performing regularly with other artists from his country, he looks forward to collaborations with artists outside its shores.

Born and raised by a single mother who had difficulty making ends meet, the artist found motivation to start an initiative to help those in need. He saw firsthand how his mother struggled to pay rent for their home and wanted to use his platform as one of Sierra Leone’s most recognized musicians to do something positive.

1. Hello Emmerson, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Emmerson, an Afrobeats singer from the west coast of the continent of Africa, the country Sierra Leone, the capital city Freetown.

2. How did your journey into music begin? 

Its like it was destined for me to attend schools with a curriculum in creative arts, music, dance and drama.

In my adolescent age after the 11 year civil war (Blood Diamonds) in Sierra Leone, through my experiences during childhood, I was able to turn them into lyrics. I discovered music and had the opportunity to  release my first single in 2003 then in 2005, I released my very first album, which gave me the  breakthrough into the music scene, after that the story continues.

3. What is the inspiration behind your latest release “GI ME THAT”

JoshBeatz the producer of “Gi me that” knowing I needed a new record, a new sound that was different from my usual style of music surprised me on a beautiful Saturday evening in my studio. I was thinking of a girl I went on a date with few days ago, tapping my fingers and chanting “Gi me that ooo” in my local Sierra Leonean dialect which means “give it to me” not knowing the producer Josh was working on something..when I heard the beat and  without wasting any time….I just knew it was my next single.


4.What is the message behind the title and what should your fans be expecting from your album?

I wasn’t trying to send any message though, i was just vibing to something new, a feel good vibe. it feels good I guess. I am presently working on a masterpiece that I believe by Gods grace will once again change the afrobeats music scene.

5. What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?

My biggest achievement so far is the fact that I’m able to contribute and play a major role in affecting social change in both my country and beyond.

6.  Apart from music, what other projects are you currently working on?

(how and why did you start your humanitarian project?)

I am currently focusing on how to give back to my community, by being a vessel in helping the poor and needy.

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7. What advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?

Never give up and be patient. If you believe in what you do and continue to hustle, I believe it will surely pay off!


8. What makes your music stand out amongst your peers

I am popularly known for delivering impactful messages with the play on melodies and metaphors, and the use of the Krio and English language.

9. Where can we follow you online and on social media?




YouTube: Emmbock 

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