Music Review: “Higher Ground” By Louie Shelton

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, the legendary guitarist Louie Shelton has released a musically invigorating album titled Higher Ground. Shelton is a prominent musician whose ‘signature guitar riffs and solos are featured on more hit records than any other session guitarist in history,’ as mentioned on his website.

Soundcloud : Louie Shelton’s Greatest Riffs Collection

Higher Ground is a spirited album of smooth jazz that consists of nine tracks. It’s a very festive offering by Louie Shelton, which possesses some deep moods and sonic landscapes. The album covers some of Stevie Wonder’s greatest songs in a new and exhilarating way.

Higher Ground – The album begins with an epic undertaking of Stevie Wonder’s classic hit Higher Ground. Shelton’s inventive guitar riffs over a nocturnal groove. Shelton display’s a charismatic approach to the track that is refreshing, as he is able to creatively make this composition his own.

Too High – This animated upbeat performance by Shelton is heavenly. The track is woven into rhythmic layers that create a free-flowing composition that is memorable and rewarding.

Golden Lady – A well-versed dialogue of guitar play. The track has a lively instrumental conversation filled a moving bassline and stunning drumming in the background, all of which plays a supportive role in measure for Shelton’s brilliant electric guitar lead


You Ain’t Done Nothin’ Yet – A masterful cover of this legendary tune, Shelton’s enchanting riffs are complemented with a backing brass section that is totally electrifying.

That Girl – Shelton creates a musical oasis of sound that listeners can’t wait to experience. The track features a brilliant dialogue between the bass and Shelton’s guitar, which effectively paints a melodic narrative.

Master Blaster – A favorite composition for many, Shelton is able to craft a nostalgic gem from a lively arrangement of organ and trumpet flaring in the background.

Boogie On Reggae Woman – The track begins with an intriguing drum pattern that keeps you enthralled and in anticipation of how the melody will unfold. Shelton has composed a loosely-knit and crafty rendition of this classic, which features a soulful keyboard measure and other delights.

Overjoyed – Another popular tune, Shelton switches up the mood with performance on acoustic guitar.

I Wish – Shelton concludes this remarkable journey with another classic performance that turns out to be a rich culmination of organic sounds and live instrumentation that is gripping and equally entertaining.

Higher Ground by Louie Shelton is a not only a great tribute to Stevie Wonder’s work as a songwriter but also heralds the legendary work and involvement in music and the many valuable contributions he has provided throughout the years.

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