Interview with Howie Walfish Comedian and Talent Coordinator

Interview with Howie Walsfish

1) Great to have you on Pump It Up Magazine. Please, introduce yourself.

My name is Howie Walfish. I am a comedian and a talent coordinator.

Howie Walfish

2) How did you get started in the comedy business?

My first foray into Stand-Up Comedy was at The Comedy Store during an Open Mic night where each performer had only three minutes. I placed a three-minute egg timer on the stage in front of an audience member and told him that when it ran out, he should yell, “HOWIE! YOUR F#@KING TIME IS UP!!!” He did, and it got big laughs. Wanting to get paid for my knack for interacting with people and being quick-witted, I realized there isn’t much money in stand-up in L.A., so I hit the road.

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I then began playing the role of “The Detective” in Murder Mystery Dinner Shows, where I interacted with the audience. It was a lot of fun. I also performed at many corporate events for major companies.

Comedy Cruise

3) Tell us about your new project.

My new project is called Smart TV Networks. My partner secured seven channels on Roku, mostly comedy-related. We are always seeking content to air, including stand-up sets, web series, original short films, clean comedy, podcasts, and more. I’m particularly proud of our channel “Veterans Of Comedy,” which features military veterans who do stand-up for fun and as therapy for PTSD.

Lana Haim and Howie Walfish

4) How did you get involved in Stream TV?

My partner, who is not in the entertainment business but is quite the entrepreneur, saw the opportunities with new streaming services like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Now, as the Talent Coordinator for our seven channels, I seek various types of content.

Howie Walfish and David Harrison Levi

5) What kind of artists are you looking for?

We are looking for comedians, improv players, sketch and skit performers, podcast hosts, web series creators, and creators of short films. We want artists who have strong personalities and can stand out from the crowd.

Howie Walfish and Renee Simlak

6) Is there any particular artist, band, or comedian you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to work with Maya Rudolph. Aside from her great comedic talent, she is the daughter of Minnie Riperton, who had the most amazing singing voice I ever heard. To work with her daughter and be close to that energy would be an honor and a thrill.

Estee Haim

7) What is the best moment in your career that you’re most proud of? (awards, projects, or public performances, etc.)

I performed at The Improv one night and did a 15-minute set with about 20 friends in the audience. A talented character actor approached me afterward and said, “We needed you here tonight.” Most comedians that night relied on crude humor, but I avoided it, and I was really proud of that.

Red Carpet Event

8) What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Stage time is important, but in today’s age, get in front of cameras! Use your cell phone to create content and get on YouTube quickly. Or submit your content to me at Remember, be bold and take your shot, and never listen to the naysayers.

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