If You Feel the Urge for Self-Discovery, Let Irie Love’s Reggae Beats in ‘To Be Free’ and ‘Sugah’ Be Your Anthem!

In the vibrant world of reggae, Irie Love asserts her reign as the undeniable Queen of Island Reggae, and her recent releases, “To Be Free” and “Sugah,” only strengthen her rule. Here at Pump It Up Magazine, we fully embrace the reggae beats, commemorating these songs not merely as musical gems but as powerful anthems echoing the spirit of Black History Month. Infused with themes of self-love, resilience, and personal growth, Irie Love weaves a sonic tale that knows no boundaries.

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Our journey with Irie Love unveils a deeper understanding of her artistry, starting with the opening lines of “To Be Free” that invite reflection on the artist’s personal evolution. Her soulful vocals, riding waves of gratitude, create an emotional landscape echoing profound self-discovery. The lyrics serve as a testament to her journey towards self-love, portraying authenticity and vulnerability.

The verses delve into introspection and the courage to break free from confusion, with empowering messages like “No one can teach you but yourself.” This mantra underscores Irie Love’s commitment to self-empowerment and living authentically, making a powerful declaration of individuality.

As the tracks unfold, vivid imagery paints a picture of overcoming challenges and ascending to new heights. Nature-inspired elements, from ladybugs to butterflies, add metaphorical beauty, emphasizing the emergence of newfound freedom and wings.

The chorus, echoing with “I came to be me yeeeeee,” transforms into a rallying cry for embracing one’s true self. These lines become an empowering mantra, urging listeners to celebrate their authenticity and uniqueness.

“To Be Free” and “Sugah” transcend the label of mere songs, offering sonic experiences that seamlessly blend Irie Love’s soul-stirring vocals with reggae grooves—uplifting yet introspective. The titles themselves encapsulate the essence of the tracks—a declaration of liberation and the pursuit of freedom deeply rooted in reggae vibes. Irie Love boldly asserts, “I came to be, a human being. I’m choosing me, choose to be free,” affirming the power of self-determination.

Behind these reggae-infused masterpieces lies the skilled hands of Matthieu Bost, a renowned reggae producer from Paris. The entire album bears the mark of their harmonious collaboration, translating Irie Love’s vision into melodic reality and enhancing its reggae roots.

Moreover, Irie Love’s reach extends far beyond the confines of reggae markets, with significant success in Hawaii/Polynesia, Africa, Jamaica, Europe, and Asia. Her diverse cultural background weaves a rich tapestry of influences into her reggae sound, making her music universally appealing.

In conclusion, Pump It Up Magazine proudly presents Irie Love’s “To Be Free” and “Sugah,”as reggae-infused marvels resonating with the spirit of Black History Month. Delve deeper into the artist’s journey through our latest print edition cover story. Follow Irie Love on social media and music platforms to stay connected with her transformative message. Join us at Pump It Up Magazine in celebrating the Queen of Island Reggae— Irie Love!

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Review written by Anissa Sutton


Reflecting on a version of a younger me

Waves of gratitude like an ocean

I’ve finally learned to love myself

Integrating these new found emotions

No one can teach you but yourself

Only way through it

you can do it, I just proved it

Recalling the mission that I set out for me

Shatter infinite loops of confusion

Embodied creating my reality

All outside of self is illusion

No need for approval live authentically

I’m just here to be, Like the bumble bee

I came to be me yeeeeee


Third was the first now I can see

Crawled through the valleys I made my plea

Top of the mauna sun and rainbow tings

Ladybugs and butterflies I got my wings

No more London days, all is clear

Gentle voice of higher guidance in my ear

My path is here no vacancy


I came to be, a human being

I’m choosing me, choose to be free x2

Review written by Anissa Sutton

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