Anti-Viral Foods & Herbs Cookbook by Sara Rose (Free Download)

What crazy times we are living in!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with headlines shouting non stop fear, contagion, sickness & death!

Having to stay at home indefinitely only adds to the stress, not to mention walking into your local grocery store to find many essentials cleared off the shelves and many standard cold & flu season immune boosting supplements listed as out of stock or temporarily unavailable in health food stores and online.

Whether it be the heightened state of anxiety and worries of illness that pervade the global conversation in the wake of this pandemic or the hustle and bustle of life as usual with take out, delivery and frozen meals being the norm for most, it’s easy to lose sight of how many healing, restorative and immune strengthening ingredients there are in practical items easily available to us on the shelves of most grocery stores – even now.

Did you know that many common foods and herbs have potent antiviral properties?

Many of them have even been shown in scientific laboratory studies to inhibit viral cell replication, specifically of influenza type viruses, as well as targeting and activating the increased immune function of the respiratory tract.

You’ve walked past many of these food and herbs in your grocery store on a regular basis, not knowing their ability to activate and strengthen your body’s ability to resist and fight viral infection, lessen symptoms should an infection occur, and strengthen and restore the parts of the body/organs affected by viral pathogens.

The recipes collected in this book all contain ingredients from the list of “Anti-Viral All-Stars”, as I like to call them. I have done a great deal of research on these familiar food and herb “All-Stars”, and in the book, I have linked to scientific studies proving the efficacy of each of these items in blocking viral cell replication or otherwise having notable antiviral properties.

I started the research for this book at the end of Feb 2020.  Being a Certified Health and Wellness Coach (in addition to all my other hats!) much of this information was already known to me but I knew that given the current pandemic, many people I know and love would benefit from having the information I’ve put into this book, hopefully feeling reassured to some extent in their ability to equip themselves with the knowledge needed to increase their body’s ability to fight off inflection and stay healthy though these uncertain times.

So, I made the most of the “lock down” by researching and writing 6-8 hours a day for the last two months to create this book and make it available to all my friends and family in a format that they could share with their friends, family, coworkers and so on.

I’ve made this book a FREE download because I want it to be available for everyone, however if you feel inspired to make a donation, there is an option on my site to do so.

For a free copy of my 112 Page Recipe Book,“”Adventures in Kitchen Land with the Anti-Viral All-Stars”, packed with info on the widely available & affordable immune strengthening foods & herbs and how to easily make them into delicious everyday meals, please visit my website,

Thank you and here’s to your health!

-Sara Rose

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