6 Fashion Blunders of the 90s That Became a Vogue

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When it comes to fashion blunders, there’s nothing quite like the nineties and the noughties. From weird hairstyles to popped collars, they are among the most referenced decades ever. Nevertheless, many of the outrageous style statements that were popularized during that era managed to make a strong comeback in the later years.

Here’s rediscovering six such fashion blunders that continue to be in vogue:

1. Stacking Jeans 

Among other styles, stacked jeans for men were a head-turner all over. The extra length at the bottom of the jeans to break or “stack” atop the shoes was one helluva statement. After its initial fanfare, stacked jeans were viewed as an example of ill-fitted clothes, but only for a short time. Thanks to Hollywood, the second half of the 2000s saw stacked jeans sprung back into mainstream fashion.

If you are a fan of stacked jeans, here’s a pro tip to pull it off like a hero. Always remember, with stacked jeans, the focus is on your shoes. So, invest in good-looking footwear. The classic choices include sneakers and Chelsea boots. The more confidence your kicks show, the better you will get in flaunting your stacked jeans.

2. Cardigans 

It wasn’t until the early 2000s when the geek chic culture took over with “The O.C” at the forefront, particularly the character of Seth Cohen. The emo vibe was strong, and thrift stores quickly replaced hipster malls. At the same time, cardigans became a sartorial choice of clothing for men who wanted to keep it comfy. 

3. Tinted Sunglasses

There’s almost no justifiable reason why somebody would criticize tinted sunglasses in the first place. By all means, they never failed to impress, especially for aging individuals. It was U2’s Bruno who sported similar sunglasses following a prescription for light sensitivity. And while it took some time initially, tinted sunglasses became a fashion trend later. They not only offered effective protection from the scorching sun but also gave a mysterious look to the wearer, adding to the personality.

4. Bucket Hats

With RUN DMC and LL Cool J, the hip-hop scene of the 90s had already made the bucket hat popular. However, it was the onset of the 2000s when it took to mainstream fashion, courtesy of Jay-Z (The Big Pimpin’ video). And, of course, the trend took to Hollywood, and bucket hats became a statement. From Brad Pitt to Julia Roberts, everyone has at some point worn one, whether in the movies or in real life. Fast forward to 2023, the bucket hat still remains popular, from rappers to cricketers donning it. In fact, it is a preferred headgear for many who like to dress casually but stay trendy.

5. Cargo Pants

Inarguably, cargo pants were the most divisive men’s clothing ever. By all means, the noughties were torn between cargo haters and cargo lovers. However, the drift is long gone, and cargo pants continue to be a part of mainstream fashion, although the style has evolved into a straight-leg pattern to do away with the oversized baggy look. Simple styling is one of the plus points of cargo pants. Whether it’s a casual date or a boy’s day out, all you need is a T-shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

6. Tracksuits

Not many are aware that the athleisure concept dropped around the 90’s. Reportedly, it was 1979 when the term was first mentioned in an issue of “Nation’s Business.” It referred to a new clothing line for working professionals who still wanted to look athletic. Today, the concept has grown in leaps and bounds. Athleisure is a sought-after fashion category with a bright future. Back then, it was just NSync boys who wore their trademark tracksuits on and off stage equally. While it was viewed as a fashion blunder, today, athleisure clothing retains a similar vibe. The only difference is that athleisure clothes and shoes now promise a tailored fit. 


Closing Thoughts

You know how they say one man’s failure is another man’s success? The adage holds great wisdom for the fashion industry, too. Nobody could have imagined how these fashion flops would become a hit in the future. And it’s only wrong to imagine there’s a dearth of inspiration. Instead, the coming back of fashion choices proves the obsession that makes the fashion industry one-of-a-kind.

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