Top Tips For Planning and Organizing a Food Truck Festival


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Organizing and planning a food truck festival starts with scouting a good location to host the event. It needs to provide plenty of space and convenience.

Did someone say food trucks? Yum! Food trucks are one of the best catering options out there. The food is fresh, convenient, and decently priced. The perks just keep on coming. And if you’re looking for a new way to bring people together, look no further. Here are some tips for planning and organizing a food truck festival.

Get the Necessary Permits

Any event you choose to host in a public space requires a permit. There’s no way around it. Get the permits from the city and state to host the event, and then secure the necessary documents from each food truck vendor, permitting them to operate their trucks during the festival.

Gathering the proper documents includes permits and insurance. Planners should also have insurance that covers any potential mishaps. Check with the local authorities about any additional insurance coverage you may need to obtain before scheduling anything.

Scout a Location

Now that you have the necessary documentation to host the event, start looking for the perfect location. This process may require additional documentation because you need a permit to occupy the space. The location must be central and convenient for everyone who wants to attend the festival.

Be sure to include parking and a location for portable, ADA-compliant restrooms. Porta-potties or restroom trailers are essential for a food truck festival. Keeping the units clean for the multi-day event won’t be too challenging, especially if you assign a cleaning crew for them at the end of each day. Be sure to place them away from the food but not out of sight.

Include the Old and New

A food truck festival has a little bit of everything. You need to include the new kids on the block and some fan favorites. Give people a taste of something they’ve never tried before while having the option to go for what they know.

A food truck festival is a great way to advertise and promote new restaurants that want to create a steady following. Visit the locations and taste their food before asking them to participate in the festival. The tasting process will be the most fun part for you, and it’s all for research purposes!

Read the Contracts

Read the contracts with these food trucks carefully. There’s no one standard contract for food trucks and handling the details may be tricky. Try and include inclusive clauses so it applies to every truck and employee you invite to set up at the festival.

Have an attorney on your team to help read through all the litigation and draft the proper documentation on your end. You don’t want to get burned by the smallest detail after the event is over.

Tell Everyone

Finally, you need to get the word out. Everyone needs to know about this event. Come one, come all! Get the community pumped and excited about all the delicious meals to come. Start a website, pass out flyers, and create social media accounts for the event.

Tell the food truck vendors to advertise the event to their customers so they can show their support and try some delicious food. Be sure to add a little something extra to entice people to come. Music is always a good form of entertainment and pairs well with a good meal.

Planning and organizing a food truck festival is the best gift you can give your community. Consider these tips to help your event run smoothly.


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