Wholesome Lunch Ideas for Busy Home Workers

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When you work from home most of the time, you have the advantage of being able to cook delicious and fulfilling meals as often as you like. Having a little bit of spare time not only helps you to pack in more nutrients, but it gives you a chance to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. Whether you’re trying to eat well when working from home, or you simply want to vary your diet, some of the ideas below should spark some inspiration. Consider the following wholesome lunch ideas for busy home workers and enjoy the process of finding the tastiest midday dishes for you!


Soups and Stews


When you work from home, you need to maintain your energy levels throughout the day so that you don’t experience that well-known afternoon slump which leads you to the cookie jar! With this easy and delicious mushroom stew you can feel fuelled for a busy day ahead, and you can look forward to leftovers the next day too! It’s very simple to batch cook soups and stews so that they last a couple of days; less time spent cooking equals a more productive day working from home!


Wraps and Bagels


Forgot your classic cheese and pickle sandwiches on rye bread, it’s time to get creative with wraps and bagels at home. Fill a toasted bagel with delicious cream cheese, cucumber and smoked salmon, or try a fully loaded wrap with avocado, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise. There are so many different combinations you can try so that you’ll never get bored of the same old lunch again.

 A beef wrap could be the right option for lunch or dinner, especially if you’re looking for a bit more substance. When ordering your next beef wrap, make sure it’s a grass fed beef near me,  wrap, complemented with some salad, cucumber, tomato, and a special sauce of your choice. With so many different options available, there is sure to be a beef wrap that will satisfy any appetite. 


Super Salads


Salads often get a bad reputation for being bland, boring and unsatisfying, but the exact opposite is true if you follow simple rules of thumb. When creating a salad, be sure to involve loads of lean protein such as chicken, salmon or prawns. Add in legumes, beans, lentils or chickpeas for another layer of flavor and texture, then create your own dressing using herbs, lemon, balsamic vinegar or even melted cheese. Trying out different flavor combinations will give you a lot of variety so that your salads are never boring again!


Eggs All Ways


Incorporating more eggs into your diet, will bring about a number of benefits to your day to day life. Eggs are jam-packed full of nutrients and good fats that will keep you satisfied for longer. Whisk them up and create your own omelet filled with feta, spinach and tomato. Or toast an English muffin, poach your eggs and drizzle some hollandaise sauce for a feel-good, fancy brunch. There are so many ways to enjoy eggs, so why not give something new a try?


There is so much flexibility to enjoy when you work from home, so why not give it a try today? Whether you’re cooking up eggs Benedict or you’re exploring a homemade hearty vegetable soup, there are so many wonderful textures and flavors for you to explore. Make lunchtime an enjoyable time of day and serve yourself an array of wholesome, satisfying and nutritious dishes!



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