What to Expect at a Tarot Card Reading Considering Your Zodiac Sign

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Psychics use a variety of tools to help you gain perspective on your life, such as real automatic writing mediumship online. Tarot readings are also beneficial, especially when they incorporate your zodiac sign.

There are many intriguing links between astrology and tarot, and understanding these links can help you get more out of readings. This guide offers some insight into what to expect.

Each Tarot Card Represents a Different Zodiac Sign

In tarot, the major arcana consists of 22 cards that illustrate different life experiences, such as entering into new romantic relationships or struggling to succeed in your career. The 22 major arcana cards also relate to a specific zodiac sign, which can provide additional insight alongside a Gemini daily horoscope or whatever zodiac sign signifies you.

For instance, the strength tarot card represents Leos. The strength card is the ninth in the major arcana and signifies resilience and courage, which are necessary attributes when overcoming adversity.

As for Scorpios, their star sign links to the death tarot card. While it may seem ominous, the death card actually signifies the end of something, which is naturally followed by renewal or rebirth. A psychic can provide greater insight into the links between astrology and tarot, while also explaining how each card relates to you.

Minor Arcana and the Zodiac

The minor arcana consists of 56 cards, which includes cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. They depict situations a person might encounter in daily life, while also indicating how these common situations affect you. Each of the four categories relates to you in distinct ways:

  • Suit of Cups: Signals emotions and feelings.
  • Suit of Pentacles: Indicates financial assets and work.
  • Suit of Swords: Represents words and thoughts.
  • Suit of Wands: Points to passion and energy.

Additionally, each suit corresponds to specific zodiac signs. Swords relate to Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, while cups link to Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. As for pentacles, these cards correspond with Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, and wands relate to Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.

Drawing Your Sign’s Tarot Card Is Meaningful

When a psychic draws your zodiac sign during a reading, it can be an especially illuminating experience. In some cases, the card may represent you and your journey through life. In others, the card can signify a problem you are currently facing or a goal you want to pursue.

Tarot is incredibly interpretive, which means that cards can provide different meanings. For example, cards drawn during psychic readings for Libra may offer different insights when compared to other zodiac signs. That’s why having an understanding of how zodiac and tarot relate to one another is so important.

Tips for Making Your Tarot Zodiac Reading a Success

Along with knowing which tarot cards relate to your zodiac sign, there are some other steps to take to get the most out of a reading:

  • Go into the reading with an open mind
  • Have some goals or obstacles in mind before the reading
  • Be sure to ask questions to gain additional insight
  • Ponder the results of the reading afterward

Life can take lots of unexpected twists and turns, but a tarot reading can provide insight to guide your decisions. Incorporating your zodiac sign makes readings more meaningful, which can motivate you through good times and bad times.

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