Top Tips: La Mirada Theatre Seeks Talented Stagehands and Crew Members: Join the Spotlight of Live Theater!

In the world of live theater, the magic doesn’t just happen on stage. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of stagehands and crew members work tirelessly to bring performances to life. If you have a passion for the performing arts and possess technical expertise in areas such as deck operations, rigging, audio, lighting, wardrobe, or stage management, La Mirada Theatre has an exciting opportunity for you. This Tony award-nominated performing arts center in the heart of the LA area is currently seeking talented individuals to join their team. Get ready to step into the spotlight of the music business with these top tips on how to apply and thrive in this dynamic industry.

  1. Polish Your Skills:

Working as a stagehand or crew member requires a strong set of technical skills. Take the time to enhance your abilities in your chosen area of expertise. Attend workshops, gain hands-on experience, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. La Mirada Theatre values individuals who can bring their A-game to every production.

  1. Craft an Impressive Resume:

Your resume is your chance to make a lasting impression. Highlight your relevant experience, certifications, and achievements. Include any past theater productions or notable performances you have been a part of. Don’t forget to emphasize your ability to work well in a team and under pressure. Tailor your resume to showcase your skills that align with the specific role you are applying for.

  1. Prepare for the Interview:

The interview process is your opportunity to shine. Research La Mirada Theatre to familiarize yourself with their productions and ethos. Be prepared to discuss your passion for theater, your previous experiences, and how you can contribute to the success of the team. Show your enthusiasm and commitment to the performing arts.

  1. Embrace Continuous Learning:

The world of theater is ever-evolving, and the same goes for the technical aspects behind the scenes. Stay curious and open to learning new techniques and technologies. This will not only enhance your value as a stagehand or crew member but also ensure you remain competitive in the music business.

  1. Foster Strong Relationships:

Collaboration is key in the theater industry. Build relationships with your colleagues, artists, and production team members. Show your willingness to adapt and contribute to the overall success of the production. Strong teamwork and effective communication skills are essential in creating unforgettable performances.

Apply now for this extraordinary opportunity to work in a dynamic and creative environment, supporting world-class performances and contributing to the artistry of live theater.

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Step into the spotlight and let your passion for the performing arts shine at La Mirada Theatre!

City of La Mirada
13700 La Mirada BoulevardLa Mirada, California, 90638
(562) 943-0131


La Mirada Theatre, the Tony award-nominated performing arts center, is searching for talented stagehands and crew members to join their exceptional team. By applying your technical expertise in areas such as deck operations, rigging, audio, lighting, wardrobe, or stage management, you have the chance to be part of the magic that unfolds on stage every night.

Take the first step toward your dream career in the music business by following these top tips. Polish your skills, craft an impressive resume, prepare for the interview, embrace continuous learning, and foster strong relationships. By doing so, you’ll position yourself as a valuable asset to the La Mirada Theatre team and the wider theater community.

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