Christmas: ‘Tis Nearly The Season! Activities To Get The Whole Family In A Festive Mood

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If you’re a massive fan of Christmas, you’ve more than likely got a few Scrooges in your life as well! And while you’ve got a few Christmas parties in the diary, and plenty of energy for hanging up decorations, they might be too stubborn to even hum along to a Christmas tune! 

Dealing with people like this while the festive season looms can get a bit annoying. You want to do fun things that everyone can feel the cheer through, and there’s someone complaining in the background, acting like Christmas is the most evil thing in the world! 

So if you’d like to do things a bit differently this year, check out the activities below that’ll happily get everyone involved. It might take a bit of convincing, but they’ll soon work their magic.

Volunteer Your Time

It’s hard to complain about Christmas when you’re doing good for a few people. Whether you’re delivering letters and presents to kids in hospital or you’re working with a soup kitchen that feeds the homeless, even the most hard-hearted of people are going to feel some kind of festive spirit. 

Volunteering in the high season is good for multiple reasons. It shows you understand the true meaning of Christmas time, and it’s also one of the most dangerous times of year for people who don’t have much money or a roof above their heads. 

You give your own time and energy, they get a slightly easier time when it’s super cold and dark out, and everyone who usually hates Christmas gets to go home with the idea that they’ve done something truly worth it this year. So sign up for volunteering opportunities right now. They should be opening up rather regularly during this time in the early autumn season!

Hand Pick the Movie Marathon Carefully

If you like Christmas movie marathons, it might be hard to get someone to sit down and check the films out with you. However, if you hand pick the order with this fact in mind, you can slip in the occasional Christmas movie once you’ve primed them for it. 

Plus, it’s easier than ever to watch Christmas movies online, so you won’t be in short supply of some quality picks! If your loved one is an action lover, start with a movie like Die Hard, which takes place around Christmas time without it being the main focus. You can then transition into something you like, such as a festive rom-com, or a Christmas horror that’ll have everyone on the edge of their seats!

Dress in Non-Festive Festive Clothing

Non-festive festive clothing is anything that isn’t especially ‘Christmassy’, but still has a definite winter theme to it. If you want your household to get properly dressed for winter days out later on this year, or you want to take a photo for a Christmas card, these are the kind of pieces to invest in. 

A festive jumper that doesn’t have a Christmas message on it, but just a few snowflakes in the background? Perfect for that person who doesn’t like getting dressed up appropriately. It’s also incredibly popular for video game companies to release Christmas themed clothing these days, so if your loved one is never quite off their computer or console, think about buying them something like this. 

Invest in Some Niche Baubles

The Christmas tree is the main event in the world of festive decorations. As such, you may want to invest in some different and/or niche baubles to hang on it this year. If someone in your household kind of hates Christmas but doesn’t mind you going all out on the ‘look’, they’ll be more than happy to see something humorous and even a bit ‘bah humbug’ hanging around! 

If you can find baubles that are themed after a loved one’s favorite TV show or movie, or are shaped and painted like their favorite characters, you’ll be onto a winner! For kids and older teens, you can try making some baubles yourself – if a teenager wants to be a bit ‘edgy’, let them. It means they’ll get involved, and when you hang their bauble in pride of place, it just might secretly get them into the festive spirit. 

The festive season will be here real soon! Get the people in your house ready for it with some tailor made activities. Even if they claim they hate getting dressed up and into the spirit, they’re going to love trying out ideas like these. 

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