Top 3 Things That Make Any Dish Better

You can have the most amazing dish in the world, but if you don’t have these three ingredients, it will never be truly complete. Therefore, it is important to know what makes a dish better so that you are able to create the perfect meal for your guests. Here are the top three things that always make a dish better! You can also the site of Cooks Dream for more cooking and baking advice.

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#1 Herbs

Herbs are not to be underestimated in the kitchen. They can turn a dish from average to amazing within seconds. Adding herbs is one of the best ways to make your dish stand out against others and add an extra kick of flavor that will really please your friends and family.

When adding new recipes, it’s always important to keep track of each ingredient you add so that you know how much or how little needs to go into future meals for consistency purposes. You don’t want bland food! That would put everyone on edge and ruin dinner plans quickly and efficiently. 

Herbs are effortless to grow, are low maintenance, and will always be in season. What more could you ask for? There really is no better way of ensuring your meal turns out perfect every time than by adding some fresh herbs! If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use them, check out our herb pairing chart here:

#2 Butter

Butter is one of the easiest things to add to your dishes, but it’s also easy to forget about. Butter has so many uses in cooking and baking that you really should always keep some on hand! When adding butter, make sure not to overdo it, as this ingredient can quickly become overpowering.

The best thing about using butter when making a dish better is how versatile it is. You can cook with it or bake with it- whether it’s a recipe for scalloped potatoes in the slow cooker or a pastry, whatever floats your boat! One important rule, though: never substitute butter for margarine or any other spread unless stated by recipe instructions. Margarine is often made up of vegetable oils which will alter the taste entirely if used instead of real butter during preparation processes.

#3 Seasoning

Seasoning is a key part of making any dish amazing. You can have the best ingredients in the world, but if you don’t add seasoning correctly, your food will taste bland and boring. This might be surprising to some people who think that salt should always be added last when cooking because it brings out other flavors better than anything else does. However, this rule only applies to low-sodium foods as over-salting them can ruin their flavor completely!

When using seasoned salts or spices, for example, make sure not to go overboard with these either, since they are usually quite a strong tasting and may cause problems within a recipe otherwise! Be cautious while adding seasonings so that each bite tastes fabulous every time without fail!

In conclusion, these three ingredients are a must-have for making any dish better. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking or baking – these tips apply to both!


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