Meal Planning Organization

Meal planning is a fantastic way to save money, avoid food waste and stop the age-old problem of staring at the fridge and trying to work out what to prepare for dinner that night. If you are new to the concept of meal planning, here are some tips to get you started.


Consider the leftovers – they can be really useful a few days after they are prepared. When you choose recipes that will keep you fed for several days, you save the amount of time you spend in the kitchen each day and allow you to repurpose the main ingredients in other pairings, such as the best fish taco sauce.

Combine the old with the new. Always keep a list of recipes close at hand that you know by heart and that your family enjoys; these are the foods that you could eat over and over again.

Spend some time preparing something really special  Sometimes it appears that a recipe will take an excessive amount of time to prepare, but it is typically worth it if it is something you have been wanting to try but have never had the opportunity. 

Ingredients that are common, easy, and healthful are your best friends. Consider what you currently have in your kitchen and work your way from there — this is the quickest and most convenient method to get started. Additionally, you will avoid wasting food and will save money, which is a highly advantageous side effect of following a proper meal plan. 

Before you start, look through your refrigerator and cupboards. Do not overlook any of the items you already have in your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry — you want to save money while also utilizing products you already have on hand. Start by making a meal plan based on what foods will go bad the quickest, and then go through and add all of the other components to the list. Maintaining an inventory list of your food will allow you to keep track of what you have on hand. This will ensure that you do not forget about the extra food that is been sitting in the freezer for a while.

Be practical in your menu planning, take your timetable into consideration, and keep in mind how hectic your life is on a daily basis. Will you actually have the energy to make that time-consuming veggie roast on Wednesday night? Perhaps you should pick a lighter, quicker meal – this way of thinking will work better for any hectic evening, and the more innovative recipes can be saved for when you have the time and desire to devote to them. 

Make a particular day each week for eating leftovers that you can look forward to. These can also be used as lunch portions for the following day – simply pack them up and bring them with you to school or work for a convenient and quick meal. Meal planning along with meal preparation can be a highly beneficial practice if you do not want to cook every day. This practice can save you a significant amount of time and energy.




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