GrandMixer GMS: Pioneering DubHop – A Fusion of 808 and Dubstep

GrandMixer GMS

Shaun Jones, known in the music world as GrandMixer GMS, is a multi-talented artist, DJ, remixer, turntablist, producer, and radio mixshow host who has brought us a unique fusion of 808 and Dubstep, resulting in the electrifying genre known as DubHop. His latest releases,  “808 + Dubstep = DubHop”  and “Can U Flow 2 This?” invite listeners to dive into a musical experience that’s not just a treat for the ears but also a journey into the heart of the underground electronic scene.

DubHop merges hip-hop with Dubstep, combining beats, flow, and electronic intensity for a unique, energetic music experience. A fusion for fans of both genres!

808 + Dubstep = DubHop  kicks off with a bang, delivering a heavy dose of bass and beats. The track masterfully combines the iconic 808 drum machine with the wobbles and drops of Dubstep. GrandMixer GMS takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a soundscape that’s as dynamic as it is addictive. With each drop, you can’t help but nod your head and feel the bass pulsate through your body. The fusion of these two genres is executed flawlessly, resulting in a track that’s perfect for both the club and your personal playlist. The track’s streaming links can be found below:

“Can U Flow 2 This?” continues the DubHop journey with an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. It’s a track that begs the question, “Can you flow to this?” The beat is not only groovy but also rich in texture, making it impossible to stay still. This is a track that deserves to be turned up loud as you let the music take control.

Can U Flow 2 This?

Shaun Jones, under his GrandMixer GMS alias, has delivered a refreshing take on electronic music with his DubHop creations. Both tracks are a testament to his skill in blending two seemingly different worlds, creating something that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on any listener. Dive into the world of DubHop and let the beats take you on a thrilling ride.

Thank you, Shaun Jones, for sharing these musical gems with the world. We look forward to more electrifying tracks from you in the future!

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