Dj Sheila E.: Beats, Memoirs, and Unapologetic Vibes – Celebrating the Success of 2 Million Records!

In 1999, Sheila E. embarked on a transformative journey that intertwined her mind, body, and soul. In an era where authentic representation is crucial, Sheila E. graciously offers her perspective, inviting readers into her world to share experiences that haven’t been widely reported or written about.

A Memoir in the Making

Beyond the beats and melodies, Sheila E. has embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and resilience, chronicling her experiences in a memoir. This long-time effort promises to shed light on a perspective often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Growing up in Seattle with Chinese immigrant parents, two sisters, and a brother, Sheila was the baby of the family. Discovering the music of the Beatles, The Spinners, The Stylistics, and The Isley Brothers from digging through her brother’s record collection, she found an instant attachment to the music that would lead her to a music career running deeper than she could have imagined.

Collaborating for Change

In the spirit of Women’s Month, Sheila E. brings to the forefront the importance of embracing one’s authentic self, irrespective of the challenges faced along the way. As we eagerly await the release of her memoir, we’re reminded that every individual’s journey is a powerful narrative that deserves to be heard. Here’s a small excerpt from the prologue. “……

“I’ll finally accept the fact that what Nastymix Records did in the short life it had was next to Herculean.

Firmly seated as far away from the national music hubs in the country, our operation sold nearly TWO MILLION units over the course of just five years.

As I attempt to tell my side of the story of Nastymix, I’m pulled into framing the narrative with the underlying revelations and discoveries of who I am. Or perhaps, it’s the search for who I am alongside a natural ambition to find a calling or passion that I could wake up to every day and dive into the work. Now, nearly forty years later, I’m still searching for similar stories to mine. I have not found that. Perhaps this is the one.”

Nastymix Records Legacy

Acknowledging Sheila E.’s connection to Nastymix Records, a label that played a significant role in the rap genre, adds another layer to her rich musical history. This further underscores her impact on the music industry. From her memoir –

“As several months went by, a few more stations picked up the song, and our boxed supply went from 400 to 300 units in the Nastymix office. I ran out of the 25 or so black and white label promos we had made, and so I began giving away the retail copies for free to local DJs to play in the clubs. Eventually, the supply dropped to 200. Everyone wanted this record, and the number in stock went from 100 to none. We ran out of our first pressing near the end of 1985 and couldn’t be happier.”

Sheila E’s Versatility

DJ Sheila E’s versatility extends beyond her musical endeavors. While spending 15 years in the Coffee and Bubble Tea business during 2004-2020, she remained engaged in various music fields, including DJ services, AV equipment rental, and MC and host services in Renton, Washington. She is recognized as a savvy business leader and entrepreneur in the community. Since 2020, she turned her passion for being an amateur tournament golfer into teaching kids (7-16 years old) the skills and emotions of the game with The First Tee Seattle young golfers program.

Feel the rhythm of Sheila E.’s authenticity by following her journey on DJ Sheila E’s Instagram: @DJSHEILAE and explore the legacy of Nastymix Records on Instagram @therealnastymixrecords. Join the fun and watch the musical journey unfold with this Nastymix Video clip.

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