Tiffani Sutton of Trend Global Co: Redefining Wholesale Excellence as a Fashion Visionary

Interview with Tiffani Sutton: Owner of Trend Global Co - A Black-Owned Women's Business

Trend Global Co, led by Tiffany Sutton, is a visionary black female-owned business making its mark in the wholesale apparel, footwear, and accessories industry. This enterprise seeks to revolutionize the sector by prioritizing quality, innovation, and inclusivity. At the heart of Trend Global Co is a carefully curated collection of trendsetting products, each purchase serving as a powerful statement in support of diversity and empowerment.

In our exclusive interview with Tiffany, the founder shares her vision of contributing to the transformation of the wholesale fashion and lifestyle industry, championing inclusivity and empowerment. Trend Global Co is dedicated to shaping a future where fashion and lifestyle seamlessly blend with purpose, creating an environment where every customer becomes a catalyst for positive change.

For a deeper insight into Tiffany’s journey and the inspiring story behind Trend Global Co, read more about her and discover the essence of her business philosophy.

 **Pump It Up Magazine (PIUM):** Tiffani, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today. As we celebrate women, your journey as a successful woman in the fashion industry is truly inspiring. Can you share a bit about your background and how your experiences led you to become the CEO of Trend Global Co?

**Tiffani Sutton (TS):** Thank you for having me. My journey in the fashion industry spans over 14 years, and I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as Seven For All Mankind, Guess?, BCBG, and Badgley Mischka. As the CEO of Trend Global Co, headquartered in Malibu, California, I’ve focused on spotting and nurturing emerging talent in the fashion world. This experience has shaped my perspective on the industry and inspired me to contribute in meaningful ways.

Brands Represented by tiffany Sutton at Trend global co 

**PIUM:** Your role as the Fashion Editor for Pump It Up Magazine showcases your expertise in identifying and staying ahead of fashion trends. How does your background as the CEO of Trend Global Co influence your work at Pump It Up Magazine?

**TS:** Being the Fashion Editor for Pump It Up Magazine allows me to bring my vast knowledge and experience directly to the readers. It’s a fantastic platform to share the latest trends and insights. My role at Trend Global Co, where I’ve been instrumental in building the careers of emerging designers and working with high-profile brands, complements my work at Pump It Up Magazine. It’s a symbiotic relationship that enables me to contribute to the fashion community on multiple fronts.

**PIUM:** Shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about your involvement with Trend Global Co. As the founder, can you share the inspiration behind creating this visionary black female-owned business?

**TS:** Absolutely. Trend Global Co was born out of my passion for redefining the wholesale fashion landscape. It’s a visionary black female-owned business committed to quality, innovation, and inclusivity. The mission is to contribute to the transformation of the wholesale fashion and lifestyle industry by promoting inclusivity and empowerment. Every purchase from Trend Global Co is a statement of support for diversity, reflecting our commitment to positive change in the fashion industry.

**PIUM:** That’s a powerful mission. How does Trend Global Co stand out in the wholesale industry, and what types of products does it offer?

**TS:** Trend Global Co stands out by placing a strong emphasis on empowerment, excellence, and embracing diversity.

Our product selection includes wholesale apparel, footwear, and accessories curated to reflect the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. We aim to elevate the wholesale experience by offering trendsetting products that make a statement in support of diversity and empowerment.

**PIUM:** What’s the excitement surrounding the upcoming event in West Hollywood on March 13?

**TS:** The event in West Hollywood on March 13 is the highly anticipated Jessica Rich / Steve Madden Collaboration Launch Party. It’s a fusion of style and innovation, celebrating the dynamic partnership between two industry giants. Attendees can expect an evening filled with glamour, trendsetting designs, and a celebration of empowerment in the fashion world.

Mar 13, 2024, 8:00 PM – Mar 14, 2024, 2:00 AM
West Hollywood, 8430 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA


**PIUM:** What sets Trend Global Distributors apart from other wholesalers?

TS: At Trend Global Distributors, we redefine wholesale by seamlessly merging expertise with style. Our commitment to empowerment, excellence, and embracing diversity translates into curated products that not only capture the latest fashion trends but also embody a powerful statement of support for diversity and empowerment.

We’re not just wholesalers; we’re the fashion experts who know what sells and what makes a lasting impact.

Collaborating with us goes beyond providing trendsetting products; it’s an opportunity to thrive financially while making a meaningful impact. Enhance your offerings with Trend Global Distributors, where each product signifies inclusivity and empowerment.

**PIUM:** Is Trend Global Co open to collaboration or partnerships with other businesses? How can interested businesses explore opportunities with Trend Global Co?

**TS:** Absolutely, we are open to collaboration and partnerships with businesses that align with our vision and values. Interested businesses can reach out to us through our official channels, as provided on our website https://www.trendglobalco.com .

We believe in exploring opportunities that contribute to our mission of shaping the future of fashion and lifestyle where trends meet purpose.

**PIUM:** Finally, for our readers interested in staying updated on the latest trends and offerings from Trend Global Co, what avenues do you recommend for them to stay connected?

**TS:** Staying informed about the latest trends, products, and offerings from Trend Global Co is easy. We encourage customers to visit our website https://www.trendglobalco.com/ , follow our social media accounts, and subscribe to our newsletters. Through these channels, we regularly share updates and announcements to keep our customers in the loop.

**PIUM:** Tiffani, thank you for sharing your incredible journey, insights, and the impactful mission behind Trend Global Co. We’re excited to see how your continued efforts shape the future of the fashion industry.

**TS:** Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure to share my story and the mission of Trend Global Co. I look forward to continuing this transformative journey where fashion meets purpose.

Hosted by Pump It Up Magazine for Women’s Celebration

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