Joining the Fun: Games That Anyone Can Try


When it comes to gaming, most people think about competitive players who are entrenched in their online communities. Others might picture casual gamers who prefer to tap away at their smartphones. Regardless of which vision of gaming you have in your head, you might have picked up a few misconceptions.

In reality, games are incredibly varied. You don’t need to choose either the hypercompetitive or hyper-casual route. In fact, as gaming becomes more mainstream, there are genres and subgenres that suit just about every interest and experience level. If you normally feel a little intimidated by shopping around for games, then take a load off with this list of suggestions.

We’ve collected some of the most accessible and rewarding games on the market, most of which you can easily download to play on your smartphone.



Blackjack has been around for centuries and remains one of the world’s most popular games. Today, most people play via virtual platforms for convenience, which also makes learning the rules easy. Blackjack, also known as 21, requires players to hit that number exactly before the dealer does. If you go over 21, however, you bust and forfeit your wager. If you’re a numbers-minded person, you’ll quickly pick up on the strategies here. Most are based on probabilities, which shift according to the number of card decks being used.



Many casual games focus on their narratives. The more unique and memorable the storyline, the more players are likely to talk to their friends about the game. AKA has one of the more heartwarming stories, which you’ll explore in this sandbox game. It follows one red panda as he lives out his peaceful life following a great war. But even when socializing or gardening, the past is never too far behind. The game focuses on healing and relaxation—with a few tear-jerker backstories.


Monster Prom

This game is a goofy adventure—so don’t let the horror-inspired title throw you off. In Monster Prom, players step into the shoes of an adolescent monster who must find a date for prom. You play as a monster, and you’ll also be interacting with other monsters. It’s smart, witty, grown up, and unlike any other type of game on the market. It’s officially labeled as a dating simulation since most of your interactions will revolve around landing a date for the big dance.



Dorf Romantik

Dorf Romantik is one of the more casual titles on this list in that the only goal is to create a functional city. To do this, players only have a certain amount of tiles to get the job done. While it might sound a bit demanding, there are three difficulty modes to choose from. The easiest is essentially a relaxing city-builder game. The graphics and soundtrack are also incredibly cute and add to the cozy feel of this title.


Once again, we’re focusing on narrative. OneShot is an RPG or role-playing game. That simply means that players will step into the shoes of the main character and make decisions for them in a semi-open world. In OneShot, players must save the sun and, by extension, the world. Though the story can be a little sad at times, it has a strong moral message behind it. From its graphics to its mechanics, you’ll feel truly immersed in this retro and colorful world. However, it might take a little bit of playing to get used to the mechanics, as RPGs are more involved than the average casual title.


Lastly, let’s finish his list with a story-heavy game. Dordogne follows a young woman named Mimi who spends summers with her grandma in a French town of the same name. The game has unique watercolor graphics, which provide an artistic depth to its storytelling. Players simply sit back and largely enjoy Mimi’s adventures in Dordogne, which include memories from her childhood and newer ones as an adult.


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