Rumble-G from South Korea is brilliant, positive, and puts some class on the K-Pop music world! Vol. 6 Issue #8

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Emerging from the depths of Korean popular music, also known as Kpop, comes the wonderful and musically-intense group Rumble-G . This four-member girl group has exploded onto the music scene with the release of their debut single titled Roopretelcham.

Rumble-G, which was formed by WinnerZone Entertainment, consists of members Gayun, Barum, Ian, and Myanmar-born group leader DiDi.


Roopretelcham is a flavorful offering and an impressive debut. Musically, the track draws from various elements; including r&b and hip-hop but is primarily based in electronic dance music (EDM). The song carries a motivational theme of achieving one’s dreams, which puts a tasteful layer of musicality on this thunderous rhythm.

Roopretelcham is a vibrant sonic presentation that captures our attention from the start with a hard-hitting beat that is intricately layered. Riding this drum pattern is a synthesized melody that is accentuated by a watery and equally thick bassline. Rumble-G vocal performance adds a transcendent touch to this classic groove. The group’s harmonies and switch-off leads are very enchanting.

Roopretelcham by Rumble-G is brilliant, positive, and puts some class on the pop music world, and is now available on all digital platform!

Pump it up magazine -August 2021 – RUMBLE G ! VOL.6 – ISSUE #8

By Editions L.A. in Pump it up magazine

34 pages, published 7/31/2021

Greetings,I hope every one of our readers is enjoying this long hot summer. It’s been hotter than usual so please make sure to stay hydrated and cool.In this months edition, we have on the cover girl group “Rumble G” . With the emergence and popularity of k-PopThis group of 4 girls, Didi Ga Yun, BaRum, and IAn are ready to take on the world with their debut single” Rootpretelcham”So dive in and read more about the next big K-Pop…


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Rumble G Biography

With their collective interest, incredible talent, and extensive experience growing up with a passionate desire to entertain, K-Pop’s new sensation Rumble-G are set to dominate the charts in their breakout year.  Combining the extraordinary singing voices, personalities & skillsets of DiDi (Leader/Rap/Vocals), GaYun (Dance/Vocals), BaRum (Vocals), and IAn (Rap/Vocals) – together they’re a verifiable force in the international music-scene with an extremely bright future ahead as they surge into their unified career.

Ready to turn their wildest dreams into their daily reality and a lifetime immersed in music that they can share with each and every one of YOU listening & watching their videos online from around the globe – Rumble-G contains an exciting level of balance between what their individual styles & sounds, leading to a cohesive and empowered all-girl group that is capable of exceeding their amazing potential & reaching the hearts & minds of millions all over the world.  From their remarkable voices & stunning personalities to their electrifying abilities as dancers & pure entertainers, Rumble-G has all the essential ingredients of modern-day K-Pop, with an unrivalled enthusiasm & desire to make music that sets them apart from any other in all the right ways.  Destined to be number one and be leaders in the scene for the rest to follow – Rumble-G is a complete revelation in hybrid K-Pop, & 100% absolutely irresistible from sight to sound.

Making their official debut in 2021 with their first single “Rootpretelcham,” a visually gorgeous & all-out cinematic video supporting it, and a wonderfully devout fan-base listening & watching their every move online through social media – Rumble-G has gone on to rack up hundreds of thousands of clicks & views, with no signs of their single slowing down anytime soon as it catches fire and thrives across the internet.

Join DiDi, GaYun, BaRum & IAn, in their groundbreaking debut year as they dominate playlists with their new single “Rootpretelcham” & win their way into the hearts & homes of listeners all around the world by making music with dazzling sincerity, radiant melodies, and undeniable energy designed to move you.

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