How To Start Transitioning Your Closet From Summer To Fall

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Summer is hitting its peak. That means it’s time to think about preparing for the fall. It’s nowhere near time to start digging out those cozy knits. It is, however, very much time to start thinking about that trans-seasonal period and beyond. Here are some tips to help.

Give your closet a declutter


This advice never goes out of style. If you’re like most people, you need to declutter regularly. The seasonal peak and the trans-seasonal periods are often the best time to do it. If you have spring/summer clothes you haven’t worn this year, then you still have time to move them on while they’re in demand.


If you’re not ready to move clothes on, or you know you want to keep them, then it’s time to think about preparing them for storage. For example, do any of your summer shoes or clothes need to be repaired? If so, it’s best to get this done before you put them away.


Pick up some new pieces


Once you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you should be able to see not just what you have but what you don’t have. This means you have the chance to pick up some new pieces so you’re ready for next year (or for holidays). If you need something to get you motivated for some late-season shopping, try visiting a new women’s boutique.


If you’re doing late-season shopping, it’s generally advisable to stay away from very “on-trend” pieces. Instead, look for classic style staples, like white tee-shirts and pieces which fit with your personal style. Basically, look for pieces, you’ll be happy to wear next year and into the future.


Stock up on tights and scarves


Tights and scarves aren’t just for proper fall and winter. You can use them to get a bit more wear out of summer clothing. Just covering up bare legs can be enough to keep light summer clothes wearable as fall begins. Larger scarves are great for adding even more warmth when you really need it such as in the evenings.


Scarves can also be used to make summer outfits more seasonally appropriate in early fall. For example, using a large scarf as a shawl can mute florals. You can enhance the effect by switching up your accessories to emphasize the characteristics of fall.


Start putting away clothes that don’t layer


Tights and scarves will see you into early fall. Once fall really gets going, however, you’re going to need cozy knits and warm outerwear. In principle, just about any summer piece can be worn layered with woolens. In practice, it’s a lot easier to layer some pieces than others.  


Generally, statement pieces tend to be harder to layer precisely because they’re meant to be seen. For example, if you have pieces with voluminous and/or detailed sleeves, you’ll probably struggle to layer them. You might get away with sleeveless knits but even these can be a challenge.


Similarly, if you have a lot of detail at the front of a garment, you’ll lose it unless you can keep the layered piece open at the front. This is possible with some garments e.g. cardigans but it does limit the amount of heat you get. If you really want to keep wearing these pieces as far into fall as you can, then you might want to invest in some thermals.


Break out your layering pieces


If you’re putting away some of your summer clothes then you can break out some of your fall clothes. It’s probably still too early to start wearing them. You can, however, get them out to air. This will give you the chance to double-check them for damage. Remember, they may have been pristine when you put them away but they could still have been damaged in storage.


Put away your straw accessories


Straw accessories are reliable summer favorites. That’s exactly why you should be starting to think about putting them away until next year. How soon you will need to do this will depend largely on where you live. If you live in a warm climate, then putting away straw accessories is largely symbolic. It’s accepting the transition between summer and fall.


If, however, you live in a cooler climate then you probably have a fair chance of getting heavy rain towards late summer/early fall. In that case, putting your straw accessories away early can save them from weather damage.


Switch up your accessories


As you move towards fall, you’re probably going to find yourself needing brighter, bolder, pieces to stand out against heavier clothes. Do keep your sunglasses out though. Even in the colder months, they can be practical as well as stylish.


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