Reliving the Good Times: The Luniz Brings Back the Magic at The Red Room Lounge

Luniz didn't just entertain; they brought back a piece of my youth!

Hey everyone, Anissa Sutton here, your Friendly Editor-in-Chief at Pump It Up Magazine.

I wanted to share something special that’s been on my mind today.

Received a lovely message from our friend, Mr. GrandMixer GMS over at KPIU Radio. Guess what? He had a really cool gig at The Red Room Lounge in Spokane, spinning tracks and busting out some unforgettable scratches for The Luniz concert.

GrandMixer GMS behind the decks with the Luniz
GrandMixer GMS & the Luniz











Going through the video footage, it hit me – Luniz’s “I Got 5 on It”!!! I said to myself, and I shouted: But, OF COURSE!!! (with my French accent) I suddenly remembered!!! 😂💡🤯

Took me right back to my hometown of Saint-Étienne, France. Those nights sneaking out at night to hit the only club in town that played imported hip-hop, soul, and funk straight from the USA – pure nostalgia. It even inspired me to join a local hip-hop band! 🙂

The Luniz didn’t just entertain; they brought back a piece of my youth!


Their performance at The Red Room Lounge was like a trip down memory lane. The beats had everyone dancing and singing along!

But here’s the kicker – it wasn’t just Luniz lighting up the stage that night. Oh no, the lineup was off the charts!

From the talented Miss Crooshall & ManWitNoName to the captivating Buddha & Lady Swag, and let’s not forget the electrifying performances by Big Bellee Skellee, Ym2Crace, and Mr. Erb. Each one brought their own unique energy to the night, making it an unforgettable experience.

And of course, big shoutout to our special guest DJ for the night, GrandMixer GMS, who kept the vibe alive all evening long.

Hosting this incredible event were Cruz Rivera & Anthony Singleton, who kept the energy high and the crowd hyped.

A huge shout out to the sponsors, Grind 365 Podcast, Kingmullah Ent., and Kannaware Apparel, for helping make this night possible.

So here’s to reliving those moments and creating new ones. Thanks to The Luniz, for reminding me why music is so special!

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