Save the Date: March 12, 2024, in Tennessee – Edie Hand Presents A Power-packed Celebration of Women’s History at MTSU Tucker Theatre!

  In honor of National Women’s History Month, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is set to host a remarkable event, bringing together influential voices of resilience and empowerment. This celebration, featuring prominent speakers such as Edie Hand founder of Women of True Grit, Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson, Lana King, and others, promises an inspiring afternoon filled with stories of triumph, innovation, and empowerment. This exclusive coverage is proudly presented by Pump It Up Magazine, dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements.

Event Details:

MTSU will host an event called Women of True Grit on March 12 that is designed to celebrate and empower women of all ages. The event is free and open to the public.

The event, which is part of MTSU’s Women’s History Month celebration, was inspired by the book Edie Hand’s Women of True Grit, which profiles more than 60 women who navigated with grit to transform their lives and those of the people around them. This event features several of the women profiled in her project.

“I am so excited that author Edie Hand agreed to partner with MTSU on this unforgettable afternoon featuring women from all walks of life who have overcome personal struggles to find success,” says event organizer Beverly Keel, who is dean of the College of Media and Entertainment.

“From board rooms and laboratories to recording and dance studios, these women have thrived and become role models for others.  They will share their stories of battling racism, sexism, disabilities, cancer, loss and other obstacles on their journey to fulfill their dreams. There will be something for everyone!”

The event, which will be held in Tucker Theater, begins at 1 p.m. with the keynote conversation with Edie Hand, a businesswoman, international speaker, media personality, filmmaker, and Mom. She’s also an author of 35 books who has also been a television producer, host and advertising agency owner. She is the author of the book Women of True Grit, and Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson, a NASA engineer who was the first African American female in the state of Alabama to receive a Ph.D. in physics. She holds a patent for an optical fiber holder. She won NASA’s Modern Figure Award and was selected to attend the premiere of the movie Hidden Figures.  More information can be found at

The June Anderson Awards will be held at 2 p.m.

Hand will moderate a panel at 2:40 p.m. called “Hallmark, Healing and Hope” that features:

MTSU women’s history event 2024


  1.  Edie Hand founder of Women of True Grit: An accomplished speaker known for her advocacy and empowering initiatives, Edie Hand will share her insights on resilience and true grit.
  2. Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson: As a trailblazing NASA engineer, Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson brings her expertise and experiences to inspire the audience.
  3. Lana King: A veteran in the media industry, Lana King will provide valuable perspectives on empowerment and success.
  4. Marion MacKenzie Pyle: Award-winning writer and entertainment veteran Marion MacKenzie Pyle will contribute her unique story of triumph.
  5. Paula Mosher Wallace: A distinguished speaker, Paula Mosher Wallace will share her experiences as a media executive.
  6. Anastasia Brown: Known for her contributions to the entertainment industry, Anastasia Brown will provide insights into her journey.
  7. Gina Miller: Gina Miller, a respected figure in the field, will add her voice to the celebration, emphasizing the importance of empowerment.
  8. Kelly Lang: Kelly Lang, a notable personality, will contribute her thoughts on women’s history and progress.
  9. Alie B. Gorrie: Bringing a fresh perspective, Allie Gorrie will share her experiences, contributing to the diverse narratives of the event.

Additional Background on Select Speakers:

  • Lana King: The former CEO of Hallmark Channel, Lana presided over all network operations, doubling the channel’s ratings, distribution, and advertising revenues. Nielsen applauded those results as the most successful channel launch in the history of cable television. Previously, as President of Network Distribution for the Fox Broadcast Company, she helped establish FOX as one of the nation’s strongest networks.
  • Marion MacKenzie Pyle: An award-winning writer, director, producer, and president of Legacy Media Lab, Marion MacKenzie Pyle is also the author of “Healed, Healthy and Whole: How We Beat Bladder Cancer.”
  • Paula Mosher Wallace: Best known for being the Founder of Bloom In The Dark, Inc., Paula is a Media Executive with credentials as a Producer, Director, Writer, and Cohost of 2 award-winning international television shows. She has also created a television studio, streaming network, podcast, 7 published books, and online courses.
  • Anastasia Brown: An award-winning entertainment industry veteran, Anastasia Brown has experience as a label executive, artist manager, music supervisor, and content creation. She discovered Keith Urban and later served as a judge on the TV show “Nashville Star.” She is the author of “Make Me a Star: Industry Insiders Reveal How to Make It in Music.”
  • Alie B. Gorrie: A disability inclusion consultant and theater artist, Allie Gorrie is on a mission to build a more inclusive world. Born with low vision, she frequently speaks about disability awareness and inclusion while teaching acting and dancing classes to other aspiring performers with disabilities. She organizes nationwide trainings to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. She also co-produced and hosted “Able: A Series.”
  • Kelly Lang: A singer and songwriter whose songs have been recorded by George Jones, Lorrie Morgan, Jerry Lee Lewis, B.J. Thomas, and Ricky Skaggs. She is the author of “I’m Not Going Anywhere,” which offers life lessons as she shares her experience with breast cancer. She is a member of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
  • Gina Miller: An entertainment executive and social justice activist known for advocating for recording artists. She is senior vice president/general manager of MNRK (formerly Entertainment One), where she oversees day-to-day operations and creative output for Nashville, including MNRK subsidiaries Light Records and IndieBlu Music. She also leads the Nashville Network of the National Association of Black Female Executives in Media and Entertainment and has twice been included in Billboard’s Women in Music issue of the industry’s top female executives.
  • Edie Hand: Discover the dynamic force behind Women of True Grit, Edie Hand. From collaborating with Sinclair Broadcasting and ABC 33/40 for impactful Vignettes in 2022 to expanding her reach with Gray Television/WAFF48 in 2024, Edie’s commitment to sharing empowering stories of women in leadership goes global through a partnership with FedEx. A seasoned media personality, she’s not only produced a Women of True Grit documentary with NASA but has also left her mark in national commercials, daytime television soaps, and as a host of national TV programs. Alongside her son, Linc Hand, she co-founded Hand N Hand Entertainment, contributing her talents to film, television, radio, and podcasts. Hailing from a family rich in musical heritage, including her legendary cousin Elvis Presley, Edie emphasizes the importance of nurturing charities within the community. A UNA alumna and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority member, she calls Birmingham home with her heart still in Hollywood, where her son Linc Hand and his wife Victoria Renee Hand, a singer-songwriter, reside. A resilient cancer survivor, Edie wears many hats—mom, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and warrior. In 2024, she introduces the Grit:101 Pearls of Hope Workshops, embodying her dedication to empowerment and resilience.

Special Gift: As a token of appreciation, the first 300 attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Edie Hand’s “Women of True Grit,” a work that encapsulates the spirit of resilience and empowerment.

Here are  impactful points that highlight the empowering aspects of Edie Hand’s book, “Women of True Grit”:

– **Transformative Wisdom:**
– Unfolds life’s challenges into luminous Pearls of Hope.

– **GRIT Acronym:**
– “Great Resilience Is Transformative” – Dedication to supporting women.

**Practical Tools:**
– Provides practical tools for transforming difficulties into empowering situations.

– **Global Influence:**
– Sought-after global speaker, amplifying the impact of women’s stories.

– **Media Impact:**
– Documentary partnerships with NASA and major broadcasters showcase real impact.

– **Entertainment Collaboration:**
– Formation of Hand N Hand Entertainment with Hollywood actor son Linc Hand.

– **Charitable Commitment:**
– Commitment to arts and charity reflects a profound impact on the community.

– **Resilient Inspiration:**
– Edie’s personal journey as a mom, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and cancer survivor is an ongoing source of inspiration.

– **Grit Workshops:**
– Upcoming “Grit:101 Pearls of Hope Workshops” in 2024 offer practical empowerment.

– **Testament to Strength:**
– A timeless read that stands as a testament to the strength, resilience, and empowerment of women.

These points aim to convey the practical, impactful, and empowering elements of the book in a concise manner.

Sponsors: The event is made possible by the generous support of the Distinguished Lecture Fund.

**For more information:**
Beverly Keel
Phone: 615-898-5150

Conclusion: MTSU’s celebration of Women’s History Month promises to be an extraordinary gathering of influential women sharing their stories. Attendees can expect to be inspired by the resilience, innovation, and empowerment conveyed by these phenomenal individuals. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this empowering event on March 12, 2024, at the MTSU Tucker Theatre. This exclusive coverage is proudly presented by Pump It Up Magazine.


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