Music Review: Back to the 80s Funk Groove with “Dance Freak” by Noah Eliyas & Recycled Materia

Noah Eliyas and Recycled Materia have taken us on a thrilling trip back to the funky beats of the 1980s with their track “Dance Freak.”

This song vividly portrays a skilled woman ruling the dance floor, bringing back the authentic groove of that era. Its classic analog sound captures the essence of funk, giving it a nostalgic charm that’s hard to resist. Whether you’re at a lively dance party or chilling at home, “Dance Freak” brings that ’80s vibe to any setting.

But wait, there’s more! The vinyl also includes “Outerspace Connection,” a track that transports you to an intergalactic tale. Picture aliens landing on Earth with advanced technology and an infectious Funk groove that defies both time and space. It’s a fun exploration of Funk history wrapped up in an extraterrestrial storyline.

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Drawing inspiration from iconic Funk bands like Change and Parliament, these tracks transport you straight back to the ’80s. “Outerspace Connection” introduces funky sounds and rhythms that are out of this world, making it hard not to move to its catchy beats.

Overall, “Dance Freak” and “Outerspace Connection” offer an exciting mix of nostalgia and innovation. They’re a perfect homage to Funk’s essence while embracing a modern twist.

Music lovers downloading this gem are in for a treat! Get ready to groove and lose yourself in the vibrant sounds created by Noah Eliyas and Recycled Materia.

The Sleepers RecordZ is one of the most active Independent Label on the Modern Funk Movement.


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