Top Tips: Modern Day Protection in the Creative Arts

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Protection in the creative arts is necessary, from art production to beginning a career in music. It can all be exciting, and you can get carried away. So consider hiring a lawyer who understands the legal jargon before signing. And learn to recognize when you are being exploited either financially, creatively, or even sexually. Modern artistic pursuits are full of risk, and the stakes can be extremely high. So, here are some tips to help you minimize the harm that can happen.

Copyright is Your Best Friend

Whenever you create something using your own talent, whether it’s a piece of music, a story, or even an algorithm for a video game, it is protected by copyright. This is free, and you don’t need to register for it. However, copyright registration does help in court cases. Another reason to copyright is to make sure you get aid when your work is used. Music publishing administration services can work on your behalf to find any and all uses of your IP and recover what is owed.

Hire a Lawyer for Protection in the Creative Arts

The ins and outs of copyright, IP, and signing contracts can be complex. And the creative arts, especially music, are littered with stories of unscrupulous managers and promoters taking advantage of the inexperienced. If you need to sign anything, it always helps to hire an independent lawyer with contract law experience. Never sign if someone is putting pressure on you, and tell your lawyer about this. This often means they are ripping you off somewhere.

Think Carefully Before Posting Something

As an artist with followers, posting the wrong thing can all but destroy your career. You will end up in legal hot water and could also owe promoters and managers money if they are to lose out because you said something you really shouldn’t have. Further, be careful posting images, videos, and copy as these are copyrighted most of the time. If you do want to post something creative that isn’t your own, always get permission from the copyright owner before doing so.

Consider All Income Streams

Signing a contract and then being paid for work is the easiest way to make money on your creations. But there are many other income streams you can take advantage of, such as:

  • You can monetize a blog or social media page to generate income.
  • Social media can help you become an influencer in your chosen field.
  • Videos and podcasts are more popular than ever and make tons of money.
  • You can license or pitch your work, such as images, music, and graphics, to others.
  • Take on freelance work if you aren’t tied down in an exclusive contract.

The ways to make money from your work are only really limited by your imagination, which is pretty big as a creative. However, any of these still require hard work and dedication.

Make Sure the Deal Works for You

It is easy to be hoodwinked by a bad manager or promoter in the creative industry. And you wouldn’t be the first. Always make sure a deal works for you by reading through contracts, understanding exactly what is required of you, and if you are even able to physically do the work. Once you are signed up, the people paying you will expect results and will make you work hard. In effect, they can own you. Don’t be bedazzled by promises of big money, and be careful.

Exploitation Protection in the Creative Arts

Exploitation in any industry is a common problem, unfortunately. From administration office jobs to multimillion-record-selling artists, there are stories of manipulation, violence, and sexual abuse everywhere. As an artist in music, photography, or even modeling, you are only there to do your job and nothing more. You work to agreed-upon hours, produce what has been signed in a contract, and NEVER do something you feel you are being forced to do against your will.

Consider the Independent Route

It’s a common misconception that you need management, PR, and promoters to be successful. This just isn’t true these days. With the web and social media, you can become a recognized and respected creative in your profession. Some examples from music include R&B singers Tinashe, The Weeknd, and Drake. Promoting yourself is as simple as posting a video. And there are many sites where you can create online portfolios, such as iStock for photographers.


Copyright is the first thing you need to learn for protection in the creative arts. You can also make money by exploring other avenues, such as social media and freelance work. And going independent can help you stay away from unfair contracts where you can produce yourself.


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