MMA Cage Warrior, Loving Mom: Kayla Weed’s Inspirational Story

Step into the cage of Kayla Weed‘s world, where the warmth of motherhood converges with the tenacity of a ferocious MMA champion. Pump It Up Magazine, in celebration of Women’s Inspiration Month, presents an exclusive interview with Kayla Weed. Beyond the genuine kindness that defines her as a mom, Kayla transforms into an intelligent executioner in the MMA arena. Join us as we explore her journey, mindset, and relentless consistency that define her path as a remarkable woman in the world of combat sports.

Mom by Day, MMA Warrior by Night

Pump It Up Magazine: Kayla, your dual role as a mom and an MMA champion showcases incredible versatility. How do you balance the nurturing aspects of motherhood with the intensity of being a dominant force in the cage?

Kayla Weed: For me to balance motherhood and fighting I have to be present in the moment. Also have the ability to flip the switch for fighting and get in the zone.

The Mindset of Relentless Consistency

Pump It Up Magazine: Your mantra emphasizes the mindset of relentless consistency. How does this mindset shape your approach to both motherhood and your MMA career? And what inspired this powerful mantra?

Kayla Weed:The mindset of restless consistency is something I apply to all aspects of my life. Everyday I show up and try and be the best version of myself. It’s something I’ve always practiced. But I’ve been particularly inspired by my strength and conditioning coach Dylan Lemery. He has been a great role model for me.


The Intelligent Executioner

Pump It Up Magazine: In the cage, you’re described as an intelligent executioner. Can you share a bit about your journey into MMA and how it has influenced your mindset both inside and outside the arena?

Kayla Weed: In life I like to take time and think about approaches and weigh out the different consequences and use that to pick the best approach. That applies to all areas of my life; motherhood, fighting, and being a social worker.

The Power of Story

Pump It Up Magazine: Many women drawn to MMA have powerful stories behind their journey. Can you tell us about the driving force that led you into the world of mixed martial arts?

Kayla Weed: Growing up I was bullied and got beat up at school. I didn’t want to live in fear so martial arts changed my life. It gave me strength, courage and confidence.

Inspiring Others to Stay Unbroken

Pump It Up Magazine: Your quote, “Success starts with a mindset. You are allowed to break, but you can never stay broken,” resonates strongly. How do you hope to inspire other women through your experiences, both as a mom and an MMA champion?

Kayla Weed: I hope I inspire people to never give up. Always believe in yourself that you’re strong enough to get through whatever you’re dealing with and that better days are coming.


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