From Hollywood’s Screen Excellence to Fitness Dedication: Spotlight on Our Cover Star: Linc Hand! Vol.9 – Issue #1

From Hollywood's Screen Excellence to Fitness Dedication: Discover How Linc Hand Can Inspire Your Journey

Born and raised amidst the soulful charm of Birmingham, Alabama, Linc Hand’s journey into the limelight commenced at the tender age of six. His presence has illuminated commercials, television screens, and feature films, creating ripples of admiration in the entertainment realm.

Upon making the pilgrimage to Los Angeles, Linc delved deeper into his passion for acting under the tutelage of the legendary coach Howard Fine. A confluence of innate talent and cultivated skill marked the genesis of a remarkable career.

Linc Hand – NCIS, Hawaii

A true aficionado of athleticism, Linc’s early affinity for sports, nurtured by his father, saw him excel in football, basketball, and martial arts. However, it was the synergy of his passions that found a harmonious expression in baseball.

His natural athleticism not only earned him accolades but also a role as Fritz Ostermueller, one of Jackie Robinson’s formidable adversaries, in the acclaimed 2013 feature, “42.”

Linc’s television odyssey has left an indelible imprint across CBS, HBO, FX, and The CW. Notably, he graced CBS’s NCIS as Navy Petty Officer First Class Damien Hunter and is set to captivate audiences with a recurring role in ABC’s Revenge during its final 2013/14 story arc.

From his stellar performances alongside Chadwick Boseman and Harisson Ford  in “42” to gracing the small screen in fan-favorites like “Revenge” and “NCIS, Hawaii,” Linc has been making waves and stealing hearts. But there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Beyond the scripted world, Linc seamlessly transitioned into live comedy on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, sharing the stage with the witty Stephen Merchant during a guest appearance on HBO’s Hello Ladies in late 2013.

Balancing the spectrum of his talent, Linc’s serious side takes center stage in the 2014 feature “Goodbye World,” where he shares the screen with luminaries like Adrian Grenier, Ben McKenzie, and Kid Cudi. This cinematic endeavor opened to acclaim in limited release on April 5, 2014.

In an exclusive interview, we unravel the layers of Linc Hand’s fascinating narrative. From his early days as a child actor to his Southern gentleman charm now gracing the bustling city of Los Angeles, Linc bares his soul. Join us as we delve into Exclusive Insights on Balancing Acting and Fitness Success, where Linc shares the highs, lows, and the secrets that shape his resilient journey in conquering Hollywood. So, fasten your seatbelts and embark on this riveting journey into the realm of Linc Hand – where dreams unfold, and every adventure is a spectacle worth savoring.

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Spotlight on Our Cover Star: Linc Hand! Vol.9 – Issue #1 – Available 1/11/2024 Photo credit: Travon Hodges

Pump it up magazine: Hi Linc! You’ve had an impressive career in film, such as “42” with Chadwick Boseman, T.R. Knight, Harrison Ford, and television, featuring in popular shows like “Revenge,” “True Blood,” and “NCIS, Hawaii.” What initially drew you to acting, and how has your journey been in the entertainment industry?

Linc Hand: Ever since I was a kid, I loved wild adventures. Movies let me live those dreams. My journey’s been a crazy ride, full of ups and downs. But you know what? That’s what makes the wins so thrilling. It’s been one heck of an adventure!

Pump it up magazine:Among your diverse TV roles, is there a type of role or genre that excites you the most or presents a new challenge? Also, what would be your dream role?

Linc Hand: I’ve always loved action and adventure.  I would love to carry an action franchise. 
Pump it up magazine: Are there specific skills or techniques they should prioritize developing to excel in on-screen performances? 
Linc Hand: If you want to be an actor you need to get into acting class and do theater (in my opinion).  Just start creating and shooting things even if you use is your phone just go be creative.  That’s a starting point 

Pump it up magazine:  Beyond your acting career, you’re known for your dedication to fitness and even winning muscle competitions. Can you tell us more about your fitness journey and how it complements your life as an actor?

Linc Hand:  The gym has always been a major part of my life because of my dad.  The gym is my therapy and fitness rolled into one.  I enjoy playing physical characters 

Pump it up magazine:  Balancing rigorous fitness routines with filming schedules can be demanding. How do you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in the entertainment industry?

Linc Hand: It can be difficult sometimes but if you know the WHY you do it then the HOW is not a problem.  I try to remember that if I don’t want to wake up at 4am to do cardio haha 

Pump it up magazine:  Many people struggle with staying motivated in their fitness journey. What advice would you give to individuals aiming to achieve their fitness goals, especially those just starting?

Linc Hand: It needs to become a lifestyle not a get in shape quick kind of mindset.  Start slow and enjoy the process and your way more likely to stay with it 

Pump it up magazine:  What role has fitness played in your life, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally? How do you find a balance between physical health and mental well-being?

Linc Hand: The gym is my safe place. My mental freedom. The weights will never change it is always and will always be the place that gives you back what you give it. It’s unconditional 

Pump it up magazine: Do you have any favorite workout music or songs that pump up your fitness sessions? How do you stay motivated during your exercise routines, and is there music you’d recommend to others for workout motivation?

Linc Hand: Sometimes I listen to music sometimes I don’t.  Don’t worry about motivation it fades with everyone at different times.  Focus on what you want to achieve and when it gets hard just keep moving even if it’s just a little because that consistent movement adds up.  It’s like the trickle of water creating a cut through the stone after time ! Oh but there is one song I will enjoy playing sometimes when I work out “Last Time” by Victoria Renee Workout Warriors – Get Pumped ! – playlist by Pump it up Magazine | Spotify

Pump it up Magazine - Vol.9 issue 1

By Editions L.A. in Pump it up magazine

34 pages, published 1/22/2024

Get ready for an exclusive dive into the art of balancing acting and fitness success with Linc Hand! This edition serves as your passport to personal growth, wellness, and the inspiring journey of Linc Hand. Make sure you don’t miss out on this captivating insight! From Hollywood’s screen excellence to his dedication to fitness, we shine the spotlight on our cover star, Linc Hand, in Vol.9 – Issue #1. Photo credit: Travon Hodges. 📖✨
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Pump it up magazine: Where can fans stay connected with your journey, receive updates on your projects, fitness tips, and learn about your upcoming ventures? Are there specific social media platforms or websites they can visit to engage with your work and fitness-related content, or is there a newsletter they can join for regular updates?

Linc Hand:   instagram and facebook    and I will have my new projects as well , you can visit my IMDB  
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