Let’s Help You Design Custom Running Shirts

Performance and fashion go hand in hand in the world of personal fitness. For a while, branded running gear was only associated with charity events. Custom sportswear lets you express your style while staying comfortable on the track. You can also use the shirts to market your brand and services.

However, the biggest hurdle is designing running shirts combining comfort and performance. If you want to use the shirts to promote your brand, leaving a lasting impression is a must.

Below are handy tips to help you design the perfect custom running shirt.

What Are Your Goals?

Identifying your goals early on is crucial as it will help you during the design phase. Do you want to market your brand or create awareness for a cause as part of your brand’s CSR? Answering this question will help you determine what message or memes you will get printed on the shirt.

Take this time to brainstorm ideas from friends or family members. You can check out existing designs on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas. Note down everything in your sketchbook from the colors to fonts and typography schemes. 

Selecting the Best Material

Comfort and performance are crucial factors when designing sportswear. Running shirts can be made from nylon, polyester, spandex, recycled plastic, or cotton. Each material has its pros and cons when it comes to performance and durability. You can check out this information if you want to use recycled plastic to make running vests and shirts. 

Nylon is by far the best option regarding performance. It is moisture-wicking, super stretchy, and breathable. Spandex is also a great choice because of its flexibility and ability to adapt to different body shapes without becoming loose.

Polyester ranks at the top when it comes to durability. It is lightweight and is close to nylon regarding moisture-wicking properties. It also has the best insulation and is capable of keeping you warm when you hit the track for those early morning runs. 

Find a Reputable Printing Company

With your design idea in hand, the next order of business is finding a manufacturer specializing in sportswear. Google can help you locate manufacturers and printing companies within your city. Take your time and research the company before contacting them for their services.

Read reviews from other customers and check out some of the brands they have worked with. Also, ask for a quote from the manufacturer to see if you can afford their services. You can request multiple quotes and compare them before making your final decision.

Get Feedback

Before you go ahead with mass production, get reviews from friends and family. Request them to wear the shirts in their next run and collect their feedback on comfort and performance. You can implement the changes to make your custom running shirts better. 

Summing Up

Custom running shirts are more than your regular gym or track wear. With a good design backed up with quality materials, you can leave a lasting impression on anyone who wears the shirt. The tips in this guide will help you design the best running shirts to express your style or promote your brand.

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